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Keys to Heaven?

* Are they trying to tell us something, these Skalds? For one thing, Asgard’s wall never gets finished… * There is an old saying in Albion, relating to the Key to a Door… * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Swords redrawn… #bookextract #fantasy

Some years ago, I published a fantasy novel, set in the magical landscape of Yorkshire. It was initially written to preserve some of the stories and folklore I had learned as a child, wandering the moors with my grandfather. From … Continue reading

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‘Thy Will’… Stuart France

* When, ‘me and mine’ And never, ‘thine’ Is the mantra. Then Nature, shall be… Unkind. Count Jack Black Reblogged from Stuart France

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O’ Coyote…

* We welcome you to our sacred space… …We seek your help, in bringing balance and harmony into the world of our younger cousins. With your permission we will work with your spirit, Continue reading at France and Vincent

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Bally’s Tale: Treasure of Tara…

* …Many years later, in the reign of Art-mac-Conn, at the festival of Samhuin, the Master Poets came to the feast, as was their custom, and they brought their tablets of poetry with them… * When king Art saw the … Continue reading

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Losing the past

There was an article about the archaeological explorations taking place along the route of HS2, the planned high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. It highlighted the amazing number of sites being excavated, spanning the human history of the last … Continue reading

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Bally’s Tale: Apple and Yew…

* …Afterwards the same uncanny man went to the south and accosted Elaine as she was resting from her travels in a sun-trap. “From whence do you come and where are you heading, unknown?” said Elaine. “From the mouth of … Continue reading

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The Tale of Bally-mac-Buan…

* Bally ‘sweet-speech’ the renowned story teller secretly arranged to tryst with Elaine, daughter of king Fergus. The one from Ulster, the other from Leinster… Both set out to meet at Ross-na-Ree on the south side of the river Boyne. … Continue reading

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Merlin, Beast-Master…

* … It was night, the horns of the bright moon shone, the vault of heaven’s lights gleamed… * From the top of a lofty mountain, Merlin regarded the course of the stars… * Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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The Shreiking Womb: Plot…

* … At Emain Macha, Connavor prepared a magnificent feast for all the nobles of Ulster… * And so they came, one and all, and their bellies were filled with delicious meats, and exotic vegetables, and rare fruits, and they … Continue reading

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