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Considering Heaven and Earth… ~ Stuart France

* First a formless mass of light, then the firmament of stars, then sun and moon, then sea and land, then reptiles, and birds, then beasts, and man, and then, contemplation… * If the ‘candlestick vision’ which opens the Book … Continue reading

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Darkness ~ Lazarus Shatipamba #writephoto

The shining, smiling sun sets and the dreadful darkness descends upon the land, to frighten and force the people indoors. Continue reading at The Poet’s Peace

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Callanish Calling: Threshold…

* Anyway, Wen was wrong… It’s not a ‘reckie’ we’re on, it’s a raid! * But before we can ‘plunder’ Lewis of her treasury of stone, we have to get past the Dweller… * There is some debate over what … Continue reading

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Darkness ~ Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

A cosmic switch went from “on” to “off” and the darkness followed. Of course it didn’t feel that way to the people living at the time. To them, the race to the end was an imperceptible crawl. The Final Event, … Continue reading

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Darkness ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

And so the darkness fell with a crash and a clatter waking up early evening, who was feeling rather drawn out. “Where the hell have you been it’s nine fifteen and I need some rest” Eve Nin complained. Darkness huffed … Continue reading

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Comedy of Errors…

They, Faceless And faithless, Fostering fear, Make freedom a crime While preserving their own. Impose what could be chosen, Blame science and necessity Isolating the isolated While hidden mouths speak words we do not hear. We, the faceless, now hide … Continue reading

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From afar ~ Kitty’s Verses #writephoto

Reeling under scorching sun, Dark clouds carried hope, Carried away by playful wind, To places that eyes couldn’t see, Continue reading at Kitty’s Verses

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Rising #midnighthaiku

Flame gilds the morning Shadows melt and hope runs high Rising with the sun *

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