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Game of Bones… Stuart France

* With what gusto the horizons of our world expand. Our enthusiasm grasps at each new enigma like a child its toy. Perhaps one day the most solemn problems of the past will appear as mere playthings to us… Continue … Continue reading

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Why Atheism?… Stuart France

* The ‘God Father’ is exposed. He hears not. * Could he hear He would Know not What to do… * He appears Incapabale of making himself Understood… * Continue reading at Stuart France

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Honouring Sanctity… Stuart France

* And so, the mighty bend low before the Saint? The misery of his meagre apparel, the antithesis of all they strive for. And yet, is there not something of power in renunciation? What is it that moves behind those … Continue reading

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Primitive Minds… Stuart France

* “We will never know what they thought, what they were trying to achieve.” But we still have sun sets and sun rises… Participate in only a few of these and it becomes pretty clear that there is something missing … Continue reading

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Masks of God… Stuart France

* Profundity loves a mask. Mystics of every hue have always known it. There are acts of such magnitude that were they not concealed behind an acceptable veneer… The world would split asunder and spew forth not fire and brimstone, … Continue reading

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The Other-Side of Space… Stuart France

* So Cor and Fran retreated to the start of the green sward and replayed as accurately as they could remember the events that had led to Min’s mysterious disappearance. Fran ran on ahead and when she got to the … Continue reading

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On the trail yet again…

We opened the door of St Mary’s and walked in. It felt rather odd as the altar was at the ‘wrong’ end for the door. Usually, you enter from the south and turn right to the altar, here, the main … Continue reading

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