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Aural Sculpting… Stuart France

* …Such notions remain controversial Some, might also regard them as ‘obscure’ Or even ‘perverse’… Yet, is there a trickle of interest From, admittedly, ‘antiquated minds’ Continue reading

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Conduit by Kerfe at method two madness #writephoto

The pass is wordless, but it waits, alert– watch and ward, ancient, before and behind– weathering all storms Continue reading: Conduit | method two madness

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Of Time and Space…Stuart France

* “Time is a circle, there is no beginning and end. Space is a triangle, there is no above and below.” Count-Jack-Black Source: Of Time and Space… | Stuart France

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I am the Watcher and the Watched – Reena Saxena #writephoto

Being watched is an uncomfortable feeling. I do not like voyeurs or dictators peeping into my life and privacy. George Orwell painted a scary picture of “Big Brother” watching us, as a means to induce fear, and a slave mind-set … Continue reading

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Elements by Kerfe #writephoto

Horizon of air this point where sky meets earth sun of glowing fire Day ending with fire clouds dancing in light and air shade darkening earth Continue reading: Elements | method two madness

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Rings of Oak – Steve Tanham

Rings of Oak Along my walk there is an oak Grown sturdy on the edge of winds Life’s hardships fought and won Whose sole and noble bearing Engenders shared sojourn △ Source: Rings of Oak – Sun in Gemini

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#writephoto Empowered Existence – Reena Saxena

Powered by the winds I just want to fly and reinvent myself like clouds in the sky. But I belong to the Earth and it needs power I remain rooted here moving, but slower Continue reading: Empowered Existence

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