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Mists – Joelle LeGendre #writephoto

Standing at the edge, a mist shadowing my view, I contemplated. A thousand generations wondered at this muddled sun. Source: Two On a Rant

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The Other-Side of Space… Stuart France

* So Cor and Fran retreated to the start of the green sward and replayed as accurately as they could remember the events that had led to Min’s mysterious disappearance. Fran ran on ahead and when she got to the … Continue reading

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Mists by Elizabeth #writephoto

Lost in the mists of time  youth and passion now I only have despair waiting for a magic to happen with each sunrise the dream  revives bringing me love and enchantment Source: Tea and Paper

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Portal (a koan collage) by Kerfe #writephoto

because of not knowing how, there’s always room for catching almost anything you want between what isn’t. Continue reading at methodtwomadness  

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The Seer – Reena Saxena #writephoto

  fearful minds do not enter untried and untested portals the internet of life is virgin territory   the hands of time held hostage by a benign monstrosity oblivious to its impact on future of fear   an untouched core … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Invitation: Christmas Reflections with D. G. Kaye

Well, so far, for my campaign to not be dressed in something silly this year..after the antler debacle… I’ve had letters from cats, dogs, and various other creatures, including two-legses. What is really heartwarming is that, seeing a small dog … Continue reading

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Ani’s Advent Invitation: A letter from Sonu Singh …and a poem from Ritu Bhathal

So… we finally got snow and everything is looking all Christmassy. The trouble is, according to my friends, many of our two-legses think we should look all Christmassy too! And it isn’t just dogs… even cats get tortured! Mind, it … Continue reading

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