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Afghanistanadventures#39 – Learning who’s who at the Lal clinic ~Mary Smith

Reblogged from Mary Smith’s Place: Lal October 1989 After the excitement of arriving in Lal I experienced a sense of desolation when Khudadad left next day. Although we’d been travelling companions for barely two weeks, not only had I come … Continue reading

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River Road ~ A.A. Azariah #writephoto

The running road runs like a river Through the flowers and the loam; The one road that I desire Is the road that’s running home. Continue reading at Wallie’s Wentletrap

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXX: Second Time Lucky…

Three days and countless ancient places earlier, our attempts to visit the Cheesewring with Alethea and Larissa had been thwarted by the roiling mists of Bodmin Moor. Mists or not, we were determined to try again on our way home, … Continue reading

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A Gnostic Chapter?… Stuart France

Left Hand Paths? * … The concluding sections of Chapter Twelve are by far its weakest. * In them much of the previous story is restated in far greater detail. * The woman is given eagle wings with which to … Continue reading

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Dream ~ Honoré Dupuis #writephoto

They were back, still in a daze, amazed at the colours, the air, the clouds. She took his hand, in silence, knowing he could not be reached, yet. Was this real? Or was it a dream, another dream? If it … Continue reading

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Dream ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Sleep would not come, just waves of fear and pain. There was no silence either. Voices discussing, the news, gardens, family, Covid… I can’t blame them this was their day. Their shift, they would go home and sleep. The scariest … Continue reading

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The Small Dog Chills…

I thought I’d relax in the sun for a while, Just soak up some rays, be off guard, chill and smile, The cows have all gone from just over my fence… No reason for me to be watchful and tense. … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Heather ~ Iain Kelly #writephoto

The bed sheets are damp with sweat. The muggy, warm air offers no relief. I unwrap myself and lie on top of the duvet. This weather has to break soon. It isn’t just the close atmosphere that has made me … Continue reading

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Bound #midnighthaiku

Life depends on life Care and cooperation Binding one to all

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