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Shine #midnighthaiku

In midwinter’s depths The light against the darkness Shines all the brighter *

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Together, Poles Apart

As a little girl, I loved the tale of Borrobil by William Croft Dickinson. There was something wholly magical about the battle between the Summer King and the Winter King facing each other in within a circle of stones to … Continue reading

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Reaching for the sun

It doesn’t really matter where we think dreams come from, they often have things to say. Some regard them as spiritual, most accept their psychology but however we see them it is undeniable that we access areas not usually available … Continue reading

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A Silver Light ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

A silver light, In blue It was. A glimmer on Still Water. Continue reading at Na’ama Yehuda

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Child of light Dance to the wish of your heart Stars bloom for you The universe plays A sacred rhapsody And peace flowers In gentle song

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Monsters #midnighthaiku

Darkness feeds terror Even monsters are vanquished Held within the light *

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Shimmer ~ Brian F. Kirkham #writephoto

Sole observer watching by the shore, as hopping and skipping towards the beach in a race to get to him Continue reading at  The Inkwell

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Opening #midnighthaiku

Open to the light Secrets unfold one by one Inner heart exposed *

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXVI: House of the Ancestors

Our next stop was only about half an hour’s drive from the Templar Church, and the road took us through the silent green of Bodmin Moor. With a long drive still ahead, I restrained myself, albeit barely, from turning aside … Continue reading

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Silvery Serenity ~ Balroop Singh #writephoto

Drowning in watery wails I try to clutch the waning light My eyes wander in a wild pursuit Knowing not what they want. What is this weird place? Silver glistens in the sky Lending its sparkle to waves Not a … Continue reading

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