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Seeking #midnighthaiku

Seeking beyond sight Following a breadcrumb trail The heart knows the way

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What they didn’t teach you in astronomy ~ Daisybala #writephoto

Dappled light interplay of light and tree’s shadow. It is that thing about the sun which they didn’t teach you in astronomy! Continue reading at freshdaisiesdotme

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Echoes #midnighthaiku

* Light of the heavens Ethereal messenger Echoes in the heart *

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Light ~ Michael #writephoto

It was at the exact moment when the sun hit the ground that life was able to surge. It became contagious, as it moved across the forest floor and the life within the ground strung into action. The light was … Continue reading

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Fall #midnighthaiku

* Free from boundaries Shadows an interruption Light falls where it will *

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Challenge #midnighthaiku

False light in half light Juxtaposed realities Challenging nature *

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Step by step…

The path winds around the embankment of an ancient hillfort… a fairy fort, they are sometimes called, gateways to the Otherworld of myth and legend. There is silence save for the rustle of leaves, the ever present birdsong and the … Continue reading

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Within #midnighthaiku

Beyond the surface Passing too often unseen A light shines within Taken at Lincoln Cathedral, I was amazed at how few people seemed to notice the paths of light cast by the stained glass windows. The architecture, the medieval carvings … Continue reading

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Luminaries #midnighthaiku

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Glimpsed ~ Jan Malique

Reblogged from strangegoingsonintheshed: Image: Jan Malique “Someday, somewhere – anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.” ― Pablo Neruda Pablo Neruda was a keen observer of human … Continue reading

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