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Guest author: Robert Eggleton – Rarity from the Hollow

Increasing Sensitivity to Victimization Through Satire and Comedy Charles Dickens may not have been the first novelist to address the evils of child victimization in fiction, but his work has certainly had an impact on the consciousness of us all. … Continue reading

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Guest author: Carolyn Steele – Racing against reality

I was so excited when Sue said she’d consider a guest post about my book launch, because she said the magic words, ‘I try to steer clear of politics on the blog, but I’m all for humour.’ It gives me … Continue reading

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Guest blogger: Jennie Fitzkee – How Reading-Aloud Made Me the Teacher and Person I Am Today

My very first day of teaching preschool in Massachusetts, thirty-two years ago, was both career and life altering.  Lindy, my co-teacher, asked me to read the picture books to children each day after our Morning Meeting.  Sure (gulp)!  I was … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Hugh Roberts – Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

It’s a simple enough question I’ve been asked many times yet, many times, I do have to stop myself from answering the question to have a good think about it first. When I wrote my first short story, shortly after … Continue reading

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Guest author: Charles E. Yallowitz – Who’s in charge?

Thanks to Sue for letting me be a guest on her blog. Normally, I would be writing about fantasy or something magical because that’s my main genre.  Yet, it isn’t my only one and I have my smaller world to … Continue reading

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Does Reading Make You Healthier and Happier? from Janice Spina

BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS I recently read the column of Drs. Oz & Roizen, titled Reading makes you healthier and happier. Here is partially what Drs. Oz & Roizen had to say. …But neuromarketing researchers from the University of Sussex’s … Continue reading

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Kingfisher’s Way… Stuart France

* One time when there was no food at Coyote’s Lodge he went round to Kingfisher’s. “I’m really hungry,” said Coyote, “what is there to eat here?” Kingfisher did not like Coyote’s way with words but he sent his son … Continue reading

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