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The Last of Eden by Frank Prem and the Use of Writing Prompts…

Just before Christmas, I received a book in the post from poet, Frank Prem.  The book had not yet been formally published, the author had not seen a copy himself at that point and the book was still awaiting editing. … Continue reading

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Little Acorns…

* … A paper flyer blowing in the wind clings to my ankle. I stoop and peel it from my trouser leg, unfurl it and read… ‘…LITTLE ACORNS…’ A Puppet-Play Figured in Three Acts FEATURING THE REDOUBTABLE MR PUNCH THE … Continue reading

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Template of Time…

* First thing on waking We reach for the ‘alarm’ To check the time And cannot recall The last time that did not happen. * Continue reading at France & Vincent

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‘Ben’s Out!’… Excerpt from Lands of Exile: Kith ‘n’ Kin

* Winged blade. Everywhere. Nowhere. Now here. “Now slowly, gently, return to the Circle, carrying the vision of Light within. Return to your body… meld with it once more… Allow yourself to feel your chest, rising and falling as you … Continue reading

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Another Green World?…

* The infant souls crouched in the tunnel. Water trickled and dripped… echoing… Raven’s claws scratched and scuttled, drowning the echoes; he paused and tilted his head: his moon-eyes flashed. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Guest Author: Sally Cronin: The Sewing Gene

It is lovely to have Sally Cronin as my guest today to bring back memories. As I have, like my grandmother, always ‘sewn with burnt thread’ as the saying goes, my dressmaking skills are minimal… although I always loved embroidery … Continue reading

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* …“But the Angles were a British tribe, right? And the Saxons were German?” We are back in Wen’s study after the half triumph of the first of our Glastonbury talks, which aside from a few timing problems, went as … Continue reading

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Black and White…

* …Mother said, “The spiral patterns on the gate don’t mean anything, dear, they’re just decoration.” If life is a search for meaning then it would be as well to point out from the start that there is none to … Continue reading

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Sweet Terror…

* …I first noticed the spirals on the gate of number eight Teesgrove Road when I was turning the soil and tidying the litter from the strip of earth which separated its grounds from those of number ten Teesgrove Road. … Continue reading

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* The egg… of Conception. The egg… of Birth. The egg… of Life. The egg… of Death. * Reblogged from France & Vincent

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