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A Bibliomantic Tale IV… Stuart France

* * “Somewhere in all that cloud stands a Druid at the head of a circle.” “Let’s go see if we can find him.” … * The Pillars: Penmaenmawr. * Tee minus Six hours and counting… “It’s odd, I had … Continue reading

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Guest author: P. H. Solomon – Imagination by firelight

Hello to everyone and thanks to Sue for hosting me today. It’s a pleasure to be here. As an author, I’m also a reader and I’ve enjoyed many books over the years. I have some fond memories of reading at … Continue reading

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The candidates – Tallis Steelyard

There are some interesting posts in Port Naain that would suit the right applicant. One of these is the role of Priest of the Temple of Aea in her Aspect as the Healer. Because the Temple is the personal property … Continue reading

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A Bibliomantic Tale III… Stuart France

* The Great Orme: summit. * Tee minus One-Zero hours and counting… “Pages Four-Four and Four-Five.” “It’ll have to be Nine.” * No 9 (Light) ‘I saw that God never began to love us… We have always been in God’s … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sarah Zama – Femme Fatale

The object of desire: the voiceless power of the noir femme fatale America in the 1940s was a time of huge social change. WWII transformed the dynamics of American society in many ways – not least, gender roles and the … Continue reading

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The Wyrm and the Wyrd: Getting there…

We took our time getting organised, intending to take a leisurely drive cross-country… perhaps stopping along the way, wherever the spirit moved us. In the spirit of the planned walk-and-talk weekend, the prisoners had escaped and were heading for the … Continue reading

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Chaperone II… Stuart France

* … “Would there be a symbolic significance for that?” “One would expect so.” “Could we offer an explanation?” Continue reading here

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