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Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives -#NewSeries August 2020- Pot Luck – #Fear – The predator within by Sue Vincent

Sally Cronin kindly featured one of my posts on her new series of posts from the archives. Head on over to Smorgasbord to read the full post: Welcome to the current series of Posts from Your Archives… and I will … Continue reading

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Web #midnighthaiku

Chamber of horrors Awaiting the unwary Fear its own captor *    

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Shadows #midnighthaiku

Disproportionate Monstrous shadows looming large The smallest of fears *

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Sanctuary ~ earth sky air #writephoto

I topple recklessly down the stairs, hands flailing, no thought of falling in my panic to flee. I sprint to the door, both arms in front of me, only to find it locked. A fresh cascade of tears falls on … Continue reading

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Lost #midnighthaiku

Within fear’s shadow The mind walks a labyrinth In search of a light *    

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Dream ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Sleep would not come, just waves of fear and pain. There was no silence either. Voices discussing, the news, gardens, family, Covid… I can’t blame them this was their day. Their shift, they would go home and sleep. The scariest … Continue reading

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In the shadows

I woke from little sleep to glorious sunshine and crawled blearily from my bed, which seemed the most comfortable place in the world at that moment, even though it might as well have been a bed of nails the night … Continue reading

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* Deep The fear In silence Slowly growing Born of ancient roots With infinite patience Awaiting its chance to feed Accepting any form offered The predator stalks its prey unseen Dragging unwary minds into blackness No escape from its terrible … Continue reading

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The Wall ~ Pamela #writephoto

“Jimmy come here! Look! It’s just like I said! You can see them!” The excited young boy gestured wildly to his older brother. The two were out on an early-morning trek to explore The Wall. Jason had never known life … Continue reading

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Uncertainty and renewal

It is spring. The sun is shining. Everywhere there are flowers, trees are heavy with apple and cherry blossom, hedgerows are white with a bridal veil of blackthorn and alive with small birds. It is as if the earth herself … Continue reading

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