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D. G. Kaye’s Sunday Book Review: Petals of the Rose by Sue Vincent #Meditation

A lovely review of my book, Petals of the Rose, reblogged from D. G. Kaye: Welcome to my Sunday Book Review. Today I’m reviewing Sue Vincent’s Petals of the Rose – Guided Journeys. A wonderful book to calm and go … Continue reading

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North-easterly: Legends…

There are many stories associated with the castles of the Northumbrian coastline, some historical, others apocryphal, but it is often buried within the myths and legends that some fragment of truth may be found. Few tales will pique the interest … Continue reading

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Wish you were here… Stuart France

* In Olden Times, Holidays were originally just that… Holy Days. The whole community would lay aside their work day duties and together engage in deeply or intrinsically symbolic activities which related to the situation that they all found themselves … Continue reading

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Wayland: The White Horse… Stuart France

* But according to some, Wayland has far more onerous responsibilities than shoeing the horses of passing way farers… * A group of local lads were enjoying a drink one evening at the White Horse Inn, Woolstone, when an unknown … Continue reading

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Wayland: The Blessed Isles… Stuart France

* The tone of the tale once Britain is reached, becomes very different… * Alighting on Berkshire’s High Downs, Wayland came upon an ancient chambered tomb, and made it his home. Continue reading at The Silent Eye

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The Big-Bold-Blue of Beyond…

* … When Brother-Warrior entered the chamber of the princess, because of his Cloak-of-Darkness, she thought she was enjoying converse and congress with a spirit. So too, did all her hand-maids but before departing he took off his cloak and … Continue reading

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A Wooded-Isle… Stuart France

* Brother-Wizard and Brother-Warrior immediately set out for the sea-shore. There, moored at the mouth of a natural cave in the cliffs, bobbed a coracle. They both clambered aboard… * …The King of Castle-Hill took the magic halter to the … Continue reading

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Deepest Night~ Steve Tanham

We are creatures of cycles; the smaller fitting within the increasingly larger. We may have little conception of the very largest, but the effects of that level of creation trickle down to remind us of our true natures… (750 words, … Continue reading

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Fulcanelli: Mysteries… Stuart France

* To round off our brief but succinct survey of the Alchemists, we shall give some examples from the works of those savants that we have so far considered. * First up, Fulcanelli… “…For us, gothic art (fr: art gotique) … Continue reading

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The Alchemists: Isaac Newton… Stuart France

Portrait of Isaac Newton aged forty-six years by Godfrey Kneller. * ‘Newton was not the first of the age of reason. He was the last of the Sumerians… The last great mind which looked out on the visible world with … Continue reading

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