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Wayland: White Horse… Stuart France

* But according to some, Wayland has far more onerous responsibilities than shoeing the horses of passing way farers… * A group of local lads were enjoying a drink one evening at the White Horse Inn, Woolstone, when an unknown … Continue reading

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An Unseen Presence ~ Stuart France

* There are other sections in the Book of Genesis which may be pertinent to our survey of St Michael… * … ‘Left alone at night, Jacob was attacked by an unseen presence which wrestled with him until day-break, whereupon … Continue reading

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Wayland: The Blessed Isles… Stuart France

* The tone of the tale once Britain is reached, becomes very different… * Alighting on Berkshire’s High Downs, Wayland came upon an ancient chambered tomb, and made it his home. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Jude the Obscure… Stuart France

Solved by Walking… * While the initial idea was to consider all the scriptural references to Michael, the General Epistle of Jude promised to be problematic. * It is the first and only scriptural text to refer to Michael as … Continue reading

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A Gnostic Chapter?… Stuart France

Left Hand Paths? * … The concluding sections of Chapter Twelve are by far its weakest. * In them much of the previous story is restated in far greater detail. * The woman is given eagle wings with which to … Continue reading

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‘Heaven’s loud voice?’ … Stuart France

Blake’s Angel neatly encapsulates aspects of the Books of Daniel and Revelation. * … “Now is come salvation and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of Christ: for the accuser of our brothers is cast down, … Continue reading

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Staying Dead ~ Steve Tanham

Following my exploration of the I Ching in the recent series of blogs, (list below), I’ve begun to examine its guidance from the perspective of what I know to be true after a lifetime’s immersion in the mystical arts. One … Continue reading

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Shadow of the Earth… Stuart France

* … The Book of Revelation is a notoriously difficult text to understand because of its symbolism and iconography, however, chapter twelve, which concerns us here, is relatively straightforward. * It commences with a vision: ‘And there appeared a great … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Self ~ Steve Tanham

One of the most wonderful elements of being Human is the sense of self; yet there is great confusion as to what the ‘self’ really is… even whether it exists at all. Something harvests the experiences of each day yet … Continue reading

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Menorah?… Stuart France

Menorah as Chalice * … The Book of Revelation can be described as a book of arcane symbolism. * It seems to me astonishing that such a work should have been accepted into the recommended canon when so many other … Continue reading

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