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The Big Picture – This, That, and The Other #writephoto

“Sorry, I don’t see it,” Hank said. “Oh come on,” Marilyn said. “Look again. Look harder.” “I’m looking as hard as I can,” Hank responded, his eyes squinting as he stared at the rocky mountainside dark against the setting sun. … Continue reading

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Sails – #writephoto by Ritu Bhathal

“I saw a mouse!” “Where?” “There on the stair!” “Where on the stair?” “Right there!” “It didn’t by chance have clogs on, did it?” “No! It was a bloody mouse, you wally!” Pete smirked to himself. Jane was always such … Continue reading

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Sails – #writephoto by pensitivity

A beautiful and peaceful photo this week Sue. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/3193846/posts/1540135277 Obsolete, it stood alone on the hill. There was no place for old technology now. The modern turbines, tall, slim and numerous, Spoil the landscape as they whoosh and sigh in … Continue reading

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What To Do When One Of Your Blog Posts Is Reblogged #bloggingtips – Hugh’s Views & News

One the nicest things another blogger can do is to share one or more of our blog posts. I remember when one of my posts was reblogged for the first time. As a new blogger, it was one of the … Continue reading

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Messenger #writephoto by Ritu

Black-winged messenger Soaring through the skies On a mission to deliver Words to the unwise. Black-winged messenger Gliding to his destination To speak his words of wisdom To the assembled congregation Continue reading: Messenger #writephoto | But I Smile Anyway…

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Peace – by Ritu #writephoto

“Now this,” tour guide Tim indicated, “is the famous bed!” His words were greeted by coos of excitement and eightened whispers in all manner of languages. The 20-strong group were the fifth he’d taken around today already. “Yes, here is … Continue reading

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Peace – from pensitivity #writephoto

Come rest your weary head, Lie with me under the stars, Feel the moonlight on your skin, Catch a moonbeam in your hair. Look above and be free, Become one with Mother Earth Share a leafy blanket Under the night … Continue reading

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