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Thursday photo prompt: Returning #writephoto

Welcome to the new #writephoto prompt! For five years, we did not miss a beat, and every week the stories, poems and artwork flew in to be shared here as part of the weekly photo prompt challenge. That unbroken series … Continue reading

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The Small Dog is under the weather…

I’ve been feeling under the weather, It is winter and bones can get cold… Especially when you reach my age And your two-legs keeps saying “You’re old.” * Now, I know that in ‘dog years’ I’m eldest, Though the theory … Continue reading

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The Small Dog has the Last Word…

“Anu, old boy, how did you get here?” Frankly, as a mention in their latest book, it isn’t good enough. Not only have they changed my name and gender, but I am pretty sure it is the only mention of … Continue reading

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Remains of the day

A big box of chocolates sits on my desk, We had eaten enough that they’d last… So on Boxing Day, in a decadent move, I could use them for breaking my fast. There’ll be turkey sandwiches, cake and mince pies … Continue reading

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A Sweet Dilemma

I go to the supermarket as seldom as possible at the best of times… and the run-up to Christmas does not constitute the best of times by any stretch of the imagination. Head down, I charged to the pharmacy aisle … Continue reading

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Chapter Five: ThreeLegs ~ from Usual Muttwits

Βία awakes to the tap-tap-tap of Freddy’s stick against her cage. The stick continues past, tap-tap-tapping towards Scroggy’s and stops. “roytthen” Freddy open the cage door “out!” Scroggy pushes himself right into the back of the cage, trembling not the … Continue reading

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Chapter Four: ThreeLegs ~ from Usual Muttwits

Vexed, I’m very vexed ThreeLegs considers his state of mind, that place where all thoughts of noshing, eightleggers and sniffing live in a perpetual mush between the earflaps. And thinking about noshing, Threelegs’ belly reminds him he’s missing out on … Continue reading

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Chapter Three: ThreeLegs ~ from Usual Muttwits

One! announces ThreeLegs, eyeballing Βία up and down and all overs before lurching on. Two! he starts along the cages, carefully counting off three…and four… until he reaches number five. He stops, checking the five toes of his one front … Continue reading

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Chapter Two: ThreeLegs from Usual Muttwits

Listen up fellas, it’s all about power and speed sez Shadow, the black German Shepherd PD. Uh-huh mutters Jax, the black and tan other German Shepherd PD. ..and intellectuals Oh-ah Right, coz timing is every– Thought yu said it was … Continue reading

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I just wanted to get a quick shower But decided ablutions can wait There’s the spider from hell in my bathtub He’s the size of a small dinner plate. He was fine when he lived in the kitchen, And I … Continue reading

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