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A light in the darkness

“I have awoken with a fire in my belly, a good fire, one that speaks of life, a beacon in the dark, and if I place it on a high enough peak perhaps you can see it, perhaps it can … Continue reading

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Missing body parts and the small print

Another one from the archives, brought to mind after the most recent adventures under the scalpel… The fog of anesthesia was still dreamily persistent. Perhaps that’s what made the throwaway comment temporarily acceptable. “…Oh and we removed your appendix while … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – How to fix your human

Well, you might have noticed the two-legs has been a bit quiet… she had to go to the vet, the one with the knives… and we four-legses know that’s never a good sign. Some of my boy dog friends can … Continue reading

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Mixed blessings

So, I went to the doc With my woes and my ills, “I think we will try With a new set of pills.” There’s no diagnosis, And still I’m not well But my own prognosis? This week will be hell. … Continue reading

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I protest #InternationalChildrensDay

I protest. I protest against the poverty and hunger in which so many children are forced to live by failing societies where greed is an economic norm. In the UK, alone, one in four children officially live in poverty… yet … Continue reading

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A touch of tenderness

My son gleefully squeezed harder at the knotted muscle in my shoulder, with a ‘Now I’ve got you’ as I groaned in agony. We have established and agreed that he has a slightly sadistic tendency where I am concerned. It … Continue reading

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Veiling the truth

“Good morning! How are you?” “I’m fine! How are you?”  replies your best smiley telephone voice, while you pretend not to feel like death warmed up as you drag your sorry backside to the nearest thing to sit/lean/lie on. Go … Continue reading

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