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The Drums of Affliction…

When Nan died she became a mountain, I don’t know why and it seems churlish to ask. She suffers terribly, forcing her craggy cave of a mouth into the shapes that form words… It took Gramps a year and a … Continue reading

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Carrot and Coals… Stuart France

* …Wen seems intent on punishing herself again. I know. I know she probably has little choice but personally speaking I would be more than happy if we never went back to Bar-Brook-One… Ever! That  is not going to happen … Continue reading

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A face from the past… and a book extract…

One of the everyday wonders of my childhood was a visit to my grandparents’ home. The house itself was full of Art Deco details. The walls and shelves were adorned with curious things, brought back from far-flung places… wooden boxes … Continue reading

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Swords redrawn… #bookextract #fantasy

Some years ago, I published a fantasy novel, set in the magical landscape of Yorkshire. It was initially written to preserve some of the stories and folklore I had learned as a child, wandering the moors with my grandfather. From … Continue reading

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The Story Teller’s Art…

* In ‘Sunken Cities’ the author, A.J. North, contends that in Math the son of Mathonwy, one of the Four Branches of the Mabinogion, we have an instance of what can only be regarded as racial memory. In this story, … Continue reading

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A Thousand Miles of History XXXX: Second Time Lucky…

Three days and countless ancient places earlier, our attempts to visit the Cheesewring with Alethea and Larissa had been thwarted by the roiling mists of Bodmin Moor. Mists or not, we were determined to try again on our way home, … Continue reading

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D. Wallace Peach reviews Swords of Destiny

A lovely review of Swords of Destiny from Diana Wallace Peach, author of The Rose Shield series… In this modern-day adventure, the world is in peril, and the immortal Merlin (of King Arthur fame) has gathered four ordinary people with … Continue reading

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Five-Grey-Mares… Stuart France

* Five grey mares… * * On a green hill… Continue reading at Stuart France

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Web of Light… Stuart France

* “Plant a stone in a field. Any stone in any field. And watch it grow…” * Reblogged from Stuart France

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A Giant Step for Mankind ~ Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

It was the 12th day of our journey, and I was exhausted, drained of all the enthusiasm and excitement that I had started off with. I just wanted to reach our destination and get it all over with. Next to … Continue reading

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