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‘Heart and Soul’…

* The first key… Bigger than me… and inside, a box; identical but smaller, in order to fit, with another key. * Key number two… As big as you… whose mote is my beam, now clearly seen as I click … Continue reading

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Looking Out…

* I have lain here for millennia watching ages pass. * Great beasts once roamed my slopes. I saw them take to the air. Their leathery calls scarring the sky. In a fiery eye-blink they were gone. * Continue reading … Continue reading

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* On one side a giant kisses the sky, On the other a fore-finger, its hand buried in clay. Yet should you ask, ‘why?’ There is no one left to say… * Can a sliver of blue heaven Between hard … Continue reading

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Tom Banjo…

* Down the dark stairwell,  a silent progress plotted. ‘Twas death in that  house were Tom but spotted. …He reached the door, a tree clad Owl hooted. Three seconds more and Tom was Seven League Booted. One stride it took … Continue reading

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‘Other Earth…Stuart France

* Aurally… Aurally Pray, explain if you can, “Why O’ why is it so typical for this sort of man?”… * The Sci-en-ti-fic Messers ‘Our-King’ and ‘Door-Kins’ et el… Continue reading at France & Vincent

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The Drums of Affliction…

When Nan died she became a mountain, I don’t know why and it seems churlish to ask. She suffers terribly, forcing her craggy cave of a mouth into the shapes that form words… It took Gramps a year and a … Continue reading

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Carrot and Coals… Stuart France

* …Wen seems intent on punishing herself again. I know. I know she probably has little choice but personally speaking I would be more than happy if we never went back to Bar-Brook-One… Ever! That  is not going to happen … Continue reading

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A face from the past… and a book extract…

One of the everyday wonders of my childhood was a visit to my grandparents’ home. The house itself was full of Art Deco details. The walls and shelves were adorned with curious things, brought back from far-flung places… wooden boxes … Continue reading

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Swords redrawn… #bookextract #fantasy

Some years ago, I published a fantasy novel, set in the magical landscape of Yorkshire. It was initially written to preserve some of the stories and folklore I had learned as a child, wandering the moors with my grandfather. From … Continue reading

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The Story Teller’s Art…

* In ‘Sunken Cities’ the author, A.J. North, contends that in Math the son of Mathonwy, one of the Four Branches of the Mabinogion, we have an instance of what can only be regarded as racial memory. In this story, … Continue reading

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