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Losing the past

There was an article about the archaeological explorations taking place along the route of HS2, the planned high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham. It highlighted the amazing number of sites being excavated, spanning the human history of the last … Continue reading

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Crisps and cold rice pudding

Appalling isn’t it? I can cook from here to Bombay, but do I? No. At least, not for me. I cook daily for my son at his home, but here, the dog eats better than I do… she, at least, … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones: Second sight

We had returned to the stones of Callanish for a second attempt at getting the feel of a place of which we had a little knowledge but no real understanding.  Facts are not enough, you have to walk the land … Continue reading

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Dreaming Stones: Give us a break…

The single-track road was narrow and every few miles we would have to pull over into a passing space to let another vehicle through. And that was as busy as it got. To the left was the coast, with constant … Continue reading

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Hunting the Unicorn: Into the Highlands…

We had pumped up the still-deflating tyre once again before leaving Kinross. In spite of all assurances by the mechanic, there was obviously some kind of problem and the winding roads of the Highlands are unforgiving. It was to be … Continue reading

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The mystery in ‘my back yard…’

Stuart Templeton at Ratmobile Adventures recently wrote about an impromptu stop and a battle by a bridge. It reminded me of a battle that took place locally… For some reason or another, I’ve been thinking about the church at Hardwick … Continue reading

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Elusive realities: The touch of the past..?

We visit a lot of ancient sites and, over the years, have developed both a set of ideas and a bit of a ‘feel’ for these places. Some of those ideas have later been borne out by research into the … Continue reading

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Another flying visit…

The door was actually open as we passed, so it would have been rude not to stop. “It could be a long morning…”said my son, settling back with amused resignation as I grabbed the camera and hopped out of the … Continue reading

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Inside the church at Penn II

Continuing my visit to Penn, to keep my promise to Noelle Granger. The first part can be read here  and the second part can be found here: There is so much to notice in the church at Penn… far too … Continue reading

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Keeping a promise… a visit to Penn

When my son suggested we take the car out for a run, he left it to me to decide where we would go. Choosing a route that would put the ‘new’ car through its paces, and assuring myself that he … Continue reading

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