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Guest Author: Audrey Driscoll – Weird rabbits…

A while ago it occurred to me that when humans become extinct, unless aliens arrive on Earth to dig up and appreciate our music, art and writing, it will become meaningless. The animals that survive our presence on this planet … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Arse

Queen Victoria may not have been amused by the local name for the cavern, but it seems a perfect description of the place in many ways. The vast cave mouth is the largest of its kind in Britain and is … Continue reading

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The Henge Within a Housing Estate from Walking with a Smacked Pentax

During the late 1970’s, when excavations were being dug for a new housing estate just outside Stirling in Scotland, a prehistoric henge* was discovered. Work was stopped whilst the archaeologists examined the site – and the housing estate was eventually replanned and … Continue reading

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Guest Writer – The Birch Maiden by Paul Andruss – Illustrated by Donata Zawadzka

Reblogged from Smorgasbord: The Legend The Birch Maiden is a Scottish folktale about a beautiful fairy inhabiting a birch tree. One evening she is tempted by a basket of apples left on the ground by soldiers sleeping in the grove. … Continue reading

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Guest author: Paul Andruss – MOTHER OF GOD

The final post in the series by author Paul Andruss… for now… Last year the National Geographic Magazine ran a cover story about ‘The Most Powerful Woman in the World’. It was Mary, the mother of Jesus. A woman, who … Continue reading

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Guest author: Paul Andruss – MISTLETOE and WHINE

The fourth post in the series by author Paul Andruss… In Norse Mythology Baldur was The Shining One. He was possibly a sun god as his twin brother Hodur is both dark and blind. Baldur was the favourite son of … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Light

“May you be blessed With the spirit of the season, which is peace, The gladness of the season, which is hope, And the heart of the season, which is love.” Irish blessing. It is Christmas and, this year, Hanukkah. Festivals of … Continue reading

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