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Flowers, ice-cream and magic…

Apart from the simple act that I was still here to register it and groan, the day did not start well. Pain woke me… another one of those vicious circles where, if I get a good night’s sleep, I have … Continue reading

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Faded Rose

Leopard print lycra Stretched too tight Over tired hips And faded lips Bleeding crimson Into pursed lines Peroxide blonde Faded to brass Blows like straw In winter’s maw Threadbare tapestry Of make-believe Mascara laden Heavy lids Too much TV Don’t … Continue reading

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Dream ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Sleep would not come, just waves of fear and pain. There was no silence either. Voices discussing, the news, gardens, family, Covid… I can’t blame them this was their day. Their shift, they would go home and sleep. The scariest … Continue reading

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Eventually ~ Na’ama Yehuda #writephoto

He spent the day lying in the field. Waiting. Eventually someone would miss him, or wonder about how come he is so late. Eventually they will think of sending someone to check. For the moment, all he could do was … Continue reading

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Close shave…

My son went to the barber’s shop To tend his hair and beard, For both were getting far too long And needed to be sheared. The barber comes from Turkey Where they do a thorough shave, With towels, hot and … Continue reading

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First Responder ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

I close my eyes but the picture remains imprinted in my brain The sounds will not cease The cries ring in my ears and the terrors continue Continue reading at  Poetry for Healing

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Storm rising

Black storm screams and moans Mad dreaming licks beauty’s blood Bitter smear on her breast Ugly cry of raw death Shadowed aching drools Laughing at decay Broken sky devoured Wake to a joyless morning Remembering peace

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The unhappy hobbit…

Cartoon: Speed Bump by Dave Coverly The alarm clock was way too loud. The first alarm is supposed to be a gentle trill, just enough to disturb me. The next two grow increasingly insistent. This one seemed to be what … Continue reading

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Monochrome ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

Light filtering through the gauze-like sky Silvery white against the black of trees The water calm on the surface of the lake Mist clearing too slowly in the cool of the breeze The drilling of an early morning woodpecker In … Continue reading

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Clouds dark as bruises Hide behind a smiling mask Chill rage of tyrants Cherished illusions shattered Silence mourns lost innocence * There are many forms of abuse within relationships. Not all of them leave bruises, but all of them leave … Continue reading

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