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Storm rising

Black storm screams and moans Mad dreaming licks beauty’s blood Bitter smear on her breast Ugly cry of raw death Shadowed aching drools Laughing at decay Broken sky devoured Wake to a joyless morning Remembering peace

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The unhappy hobbit…

Cartoon: Speed Bump by Dave Coverly The alarm clock was way too loud. The first alarm is supposed to be a gentle trill, just enough to disturb me. The next two grow increasingly insistent. This one seemed to be what … Continue reading

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Monochrome ~ Christine Bolton #writephoto

Light filtering through the gauze-like sky Silvery white against the black of trees The water calm on the surface of the lake Mist clearing too slowly in the cool of the breeze The drilling of an early morning woodpecker In … Continue reading

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Clouds dark as bruises Hide behind a smiling mask Chill rage of tyrants Cherished illusions shattered Silence mourns lost innocence * There are many forms of abuse within relationships. Not all of them leave bruises, but all of them leave … Continue reading

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A lost love ~ A heart for Africa #writephoto

She stood on the beach, watching the waves roll onto the sand, the spray of the water stung her pale cheeks. This was where they used to come–her young lover and she. It had been foolish getting involved with one … Continue reading

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The Sands ~ Vivian Zems #writephoto

How is it that sand between toes ….right here and in this moment… can be also running through an hour-glass marking the end of someone else’s time Continue reading at Smell the Coffee

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The turrets of home – Iain Kelly #writephoto

Trudging through the cold night, the last remnants of the winter snow on the ground, she finally saw the lights glowing from the windows ahead. Above her the familiar turrets of the castle loomed. Four years since she had been … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Spur – The Bag Lady

I guess it’s time to move.  Time to think of other things, get out of the rut I’ve been in for a while, she thought. You have places to go, it answered.  You have dreams, why not fulfill them?  It’s … Continue reading

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The tunnel – by Lady Lee #writephoto

In the dead of the night One can see from its height Blackbird flaps its wings It’s been hurt among other things Its eyes flicker, free, as if to say When it was hurt, it was an easy prey Moment … Continue reading

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The Empty by Ellen Best #writephoto

Remnants of yesterdays bonfire smolder on the bank, barbed wire posts too damp to burn are propped at angles like skeletons legs. The wind whips my hair across pinkend cheeks, wipes drops from moist eyes as I trudge aimlessly across … Continue reading

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