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Passed #midnighthaiku

Everyday beauty Exotic blooms passed unseen Duty’s call  too loud

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The Small Dog Chills…

I thought I’d relax in the sun for a while, Just soak up some rays, be off guard, chill and smile, The cows have all gone from just over my fence… No reason for me to be watchful and tense. … Continue reading

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A lazy Sunday afternoon Was not what I intended, But after work, I closed my eyes, And woke when day was ended. With such a lot I ought to do, From paperwork to cleaning, I thought I’d read through coffee … Continue reading

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A Son’s Promise ~ Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

The day his mother died Raman was by her bedside. As she lay on her death bed, she pressed him to her chest and whispered into his ears, “Ram, I am breathing my very last breaths. You need to be … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog ~ Who ate the garden (and the prawns…)?

It’s about time. She does hog this thing, doesn’t she? It is ages since she’s let me write anything. Mind you, it has been waaay to hot to do anything except flop, chase balls and keep the garden free of … Continue reading

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Let it go…

It is late. A warm bed and a cosy book await, yet I still have a lot that needs to be done. Or that’s what my mind is telling me. It has been one of those days. The day went … Continue reading

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The sun was already half way up the window when I woke. My bedroom faces due east into the fields. At night, it is pitch black and I can see the stars strewn across the heavens. This time of year, … Continue reading

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Ani the anarchist

The small dog greeted my return from the shop, grinning from amongst the cushions she had piled in the middle of the floor… a floor liberally sprinkled with the contents of her toy box and the recycling pile. One toy … Continue reading

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