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The Small Dog Chills…

I thought I’d relax in the sun for a while, Just soak up some rays, be off guard, chill and smile, The cows have all gone from just over my fence… No reason for me to be watchful and tense. … Continue reading

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The Small Dog and the Visitor

“Oh, writer, you had better come,” The Small Dog whispered low, “There’s something going on out there, I think you ought to know.” She sounded quite unhappy, “…Be as quiet as a mouse, We’ve got prospective tenants Looking at the … Continue reading

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Fairies? #midnighthaiku

Between the branches Fairies haunt the garden’s end Elusive glimpses * (I pause to answer… Most people wish for fairies I was given cows…)  

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Notes from a small dog: On guard…

She’s busy. Last time there were this many boxes, I went to my friends’ for a few days and came back to a new house! She promises that won’t happen this time, though she says I’ll be off to see … Continue reading

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Some people have fairies and pixies With whom they share wishes and vows, But down at the end of my garden I just have a herd of pink cows. And no, I’ve not been at the bottle, They’re not pink … Continue reading

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Note to the small dog on the dangers of playing with cows

I am running a bath in the bathroom, All scented with jasmine and rose… The dog is now wedged in a corner And glaring at me down her nose. ‘Cause we went for a walk in the sunshine, Across fields … Continue reading

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Girl-talk #midnighthaiku

An age-old pastime Chewing the cud with the girls I’ve no beef with that 😉

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Notes from a small dog – On duty

There’s something wrong with the two-legs. She’s not broken exactly, but she’s not working right. I keep having to remind her about impotant things… like my dinner.  ‘Off colour’ she calls it… I thought that only happened to the fish … Continue reading

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Close encounters of the furred kind

Well, okay, that is stretching things a little. It was more wool and feathers than fur, but it is definitely an odd enough tale for the days before Halloween… It was the Saturday that we had met up with author … Continue reading

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