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A Seat In The Bleak – Ellen Best #writephoto

Bleak, some say this view is bleak, the empty to me isn’t empty. The sky speaks of things to come and hints at things just past. I gaze thoughtfully while digging deeper into my pockets dipping my chin so the … Continue reading

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The prime of Madam Jeen Snellflort – Tallis Steelyard

Some people seem to not so much live their lives as to be passengers in them, carried along at the convenience of somebody else. One such person was Madam Jeen Snellflort. Orphaned at a tender age she was made the … Continue reading

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The Lookout – #writephoto

Originally posted on In Emma World:
Colyn trudged over the rocky outcrop towards the Lookout, hands jammed in pockets and head bowed against the wailing coastal winds. The sea looked bleak and lifeless, mirroring the dull skies. Hardly a scintillating…

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Incognizant #writephoto by Sight at Journey

“I have always believed that these water bodies are mysterious. Although you can see miles out at them, dare to step in and you will find that these are God’s personal labyrinth. Many are now lying in the bottom, testifying … Continue reading

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* The river wanders Though ever-changing seasons The cycle of life Opulence and paucity Mirrored in its formless flow * For Colleen’s poetry challenge

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Manned Gates – Reena Saxena #writephoto

fragility of waves corroding stone the venom generated with each dispersion in the vastness of mixed waters. Continue reading at Reena Saxena

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Originally posted on method two madness:
Twelve by ten squared.  Numbered, measured, one hundred percent box. Organizing a piece of the air containing mysteries that spiral into hidden and unrealized spaces.  What remains unseen? What role could the box play? Is…

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On the trail again…

We tend not to do any research before we visit a sacred site, be it an old church or a stone circle. I have written before of some of our reasons. First, there is the risk of spoiling the surprise … Continue reading

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Derbyshire’s Green Man… Stuart France

* Beyond the forest’s leafy shade, The hooded one, with giant’s pace From pinnacle to pinnacle Leap’t silently, in moonlit grace…  * In eremitic solitude In caverns deep to meditate… Within, the riddle of the night, A key that will … Continue reading

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Constancy #midnighthaiku

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