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And sometimes I get a chance to just sit!

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
Have you noticed how the easy way to drive some people into a frenzy of indignation is to just sit quietly and relax? It is as if quiet enjoyment is some sort of depraved abomination…

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Lesson – from Sight at Journey – #writephoto

Reblogged from Journey: “It’s a scene that emanates from the sky. A chalky crescent emerging against a backdrop of sky, which not only feels, but is stained in blue. The crescent as the etymology suggest will grow and become a … Continue reading

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Consider the lily…

Riddles of the Night. 1st-3rd December 2017, Bakewell, Derbyshire. Sometimes it can be hard to see The difference twixt wood and tree Seek out the Lily and the Oak Without a flame there is no smoke… What links sacred sites, … Continue reading

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Luna – Hayley R. Hardman – #writephoto

Reblogged from The Story Files: Autumn moons are the best, Luna thought as she settled her back against the tree trunk. Her pale blue eyes fixed on the clear night sky in which a crest moon could perfectly be seen. … Continue reading

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Stan Green’s Secret – a short story by Judith Barrow

Reblogged from Judith Barrow… a story that opens a window on the human cost of war: ‘How old are you, son?’ Stan straightened his spine and stretched his shoulders back, looking beyond the man to the recruitment poster of Lord … Continue reading

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Luna #writephoto – Of Glass and Paper

Reblogged from Of Glass and Paper:     A small voice in darkness… And now, the light through the curtains: The moon has appeared, clouds gone, Is it late, or is it early? Have we lost the dream? Or is … Continue reading

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Paper poppies bloom, as fragile as the lives they represent. Every year it is the same, I try to find some way of saying what is in my heart and the words will not come.  I was not there, I … Continue reading

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Eternal #midnighthaiku

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