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North-easterly: A Final Grace

“…Manifest thy light for my regeneration, and let the breadth, height, fullness and crown of the solar radiance appear, and may the within shine forth!” Abbe de Villars, ‘The Comte de Gabalis’ “We’ve just got to the top of the … Continue reading

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Veins of time ~ Jane Dougherty

Reblogged from Jane Dougherty Writes: In the hollow under-the-ground stone-flagged whorled endlessly the silence of five thousand years of night whispers. No breath but moth souls brush with papery wings this space a womb cradling death in the dark Continue … Continue reading

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Jewels #midnighthaiku

Now can desert us Memories are evergreen Jewels set in time *

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Onward #midnighthaiku

Seen from yesterday Memories of happy days Paint tomorrow’s wish *  

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Discovering Albion – day 7: The Elasticity of Time.

According to the map we covered another two hundred miles that day. More, if you take into account that we did it all on the back roads , being very gentle with the ailing car and sticking to the coast … Continue reading

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New #midnighthaiku

Time and tide unturned Unstoppable momentum New pages open *  

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Present #midnighthaiku

From past to future Guiding our feet unerringly The path is present *

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Solstice of the Moon: Older than Time…

Imagine standing in the presence of a living being at whose feet Pontius Pilate played as a child. Local legend says that Pilate was born at Fortingall when his father visited the Roman Legions in the north. Imagine standing in … Continue reading

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Circles Beyond Time – On Edge

We’d cancelled sunrise. Not literally, you understand, but what with our company, for once, being lodged across a swathe of miles and the weather being singularly uncooperative, it seemed unfair to drag everyone from their beds at some ungodly hour … Continue reading

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Where… #midnighthaiku

Where did summer go Running away fleet-footed Calling tomorrow *

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