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#Thursday photo prompt – Bleak, a poem

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Two Seas #writephoto from Fall Musings

This was her sanctuary. She used to go there everytime something stirred her heart. She would sit there for hours and silently gaze at the calm sea. Some days she took me with her. The days she wanted to talk. … Continue reading

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Guest artist and author: Andrea Torrey Balsara – Hello, Anxiety, My Old Friend…

This morning I feel anxious. The old feeling, one which had woken me up in the past, with shaking hands, a feeling of cold terror, and the urge to hide, accompanied every morning I had through junior high and high … Continue reading

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Bleak – #writephoto – Lady Lee Manila

I was wounded and tears in my eyes, I looked for you In the forest the grass was still wet with dew I heard a sound weaving through the greenness “Is that you? Are you hurt? I cried in bleakness … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: Your letters to Santa…

Can I just remind you that I don’t want to wear the antlers again this year. Or a red hat with bobbles on or, even worse, a beard… I don’t fancy a red nose or pointy ears either… Which means … Continue reading

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Bleak #writephoto – Alethea Kehas

Gaia had been asleep for too long, the land turned bleak for want of her touch. The waters surrounding Earth were muddy with despair. It would take a thousand years to clear their memory of force. Yet, despite the heavy … Continue reading

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Twitching the curtains…

I stood at the window, doing the dishes and watching the sun set behind the houses. The old lady who lives at the end of the street walked by and smiled at me through the glass; there is no sense … Continue reading

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Old Priest’s Parlour… Stuart France

* Where silver trees have bent their bough O’er sleepy village streets, we go to solve the riddle of the stones A scattered presence in a row. * To nourish soul and body’s need- A place where ancient bards ovate, … Continue reading

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Farewell #midnighthaiku

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