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Bleak – Bobby Fairfield – #writephoto

The angler sits squinting over the lake. This is the largest lake in England and should hold the promise of some great  sport. Fifty yards in front of the concrete shelter in which he sits, a day-glo orange point of … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Legacy…. a short story by Jamie Dedes

As he settled near me on the park bench, I caught his scent: whisky, unbrushed teeth and unwashed clothes. Dirty nails poked through the frayed fingers of his wool gloves. At first he just sat there, happy for the company, … Continue reading

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Prelude to Battle – Iain Kelly – #writephoto

Titus Valerius looked out over the grey water of the Adriatic Sea. The view was as bleak as his prospects. It had been a year since he had seen Rome and his beloved Domitilla. When he had joined the army … Continue reading

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Dancing the seasons Ancient ritual of life Grace and beauty turns Delicacy in motion Poised between earth and heaven

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Bleak – pensitivity – #writephoto

Only visible at low tide, access was treacherous now. Some believed it to be an old maritime Look Out post and the howling winds captured the souls of the dying in bad weather. In truth, it was a sacrificial chamber … Continue reading

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The stripper and the boy scout…

I stood, shivering, at the door, looking at the long expanse of pale, creamy carpet, glad that I had decided to start with the back garden. At least it is not overlooked. I began stripping off the filthy, sodden clothes … Continue reading

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The Star of St George… Stuart France

* In a green hill, the hollow green hills, a dragon sleeps, tonight. * The red cross on the white shield of St. George is made up of red scales like the scales of the red dragon that wakes at … Continue reading

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Countless #midnighthaiku

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