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Poet in Residence – Tallis Steelyard

There are two main schools of thought about debt and debtors’ prisons. The first holds, not unreasonably, that if a chap is locked up in prison, how on earth can he earn the money he needs to pay you back? … Continue reading

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Who is Tallis Steelyard?

Reblogged from Jaye Marie and Anita Dawes: Today we welcome Tallis Steelyard to our blog. He has kindly come along with another of his lovely stories.   This image is a painting by the great Frank Frazetta, an artist my … Continue reading

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Guest author: Jim Webster – Tallis Steelyard on Etiquette

It must be confessed that as a Poet I have to accept that I am not regarded as entirely a gentleman. I don’t think it specifically states this in any of the many books of etiquette with which Port Naain … Continue reading

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Guest author- Tallis Steelyard aka Jim Webster… The value of money

It is perhaps salutary to look back and contemplate the changes one has seen in one’s life. Indeed it can be interesting to look at the changes one has, by one’s efforts, helped to initiate. Some ideas have faded, others … Continue reading

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Brass knuckles for a lady by Tallis Steelyard

I was home first that evening and had brought supper with me. A good chunk of game pie, half a bottle of wine, and even some vegetables, although it has to be admitted that these had a sad a wilted … Continue reading

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Stilwater the Squid Wrestler from Tallis Steelyard

Strangely enough, recently a number of people have asked me to tell them the tale of Stilwater the Squid Wrestler. At one time I told it regularly, but after a short while you realise that there is a danger that … Continue reading

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Too nice? Another tale from Tallis Steelyard

Talopian Hearsan was one of those people I just somehow never took too. I’m not sure why to be honest; he was always polite and respectful to a poet of my status. The problem was perhaps that he was too … Continue reading

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