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From serpent to salamander

From the serpent stones of Arbor Low, we headed to the village of Youlgreave in search of tea and salamanders. There is a pub that provides the former and a church that provides a superb glimpse into the history of … Continue reading

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Looking for Loki – II

Feral macaws screeched over the church in the little Dales town of Kirkby Stephen. My companion had found a way into the church, even if the christening that was going on inside hadn’t yet found its way out. It was … Continue reading

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Going west – stories great and small

It is impossible to walk through any ancient place and not wonder about its story. In somewhere like St Davids Cathedral there are many stories, from those of the craftsmen who built the place, to the Story that inspired their … Continue reading

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Going west – a wounded church

It has been a week or more since the last post about our recent workshop in Wales… illness got in the way of finishing the series, but it would be a shame not to share the interior of the Cathedral … Continue reading

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Going west – An uneasy peace

Where do you begin when you have to write about a cathedral? Each chapel, every corner, every nook and cranny is replete with art and history. The sensory input is so much that all you can do is walk and … Continue reading

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Going west – the accidental tourist

Frankly, I thought it appallingly bad planning. Could the town not have chosen a different day to ceremonially install their new mayor? It isn’t as if we hadn’t advertised our itinerary for the weekend, culminating with a visit to the … Continue reading

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Papal Bull…

Celtic Saint instrumental in the Eucharist of Fish and Loaves… * The Venerable Bede recorded in his Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, a copy of the letter written in 601AD which Pope Gregory sent to Abbot Mellitus, who was part of … Continue reading

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