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Dipping in Mist

Originally posted on writing in north norfolk:
First light bends, dips and sweeps through brackish shallows of mist, where weather-stained sheep graze on meagre brittle grass and rooks stab between the furrows of fields like crumbled Christmas cake, sprinkled with…

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Mage on the threshold – Thursday photo prompt – Mists – #writephoto

Originally posted on strangegoingsonintheshed:
Image: Sue Vincent An atmospheric photo from Sue Vincent’s?Thursday Photo Prompt, oh what wonders are waiting to be unleashed! With that in mind I present to you my explorations in the mists of time: I?see you…

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Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
mists are so helpful my hollowness can’t see yours intimacy untouched surreal veils of pretence vindicate my non-existence ? Writephoto by Sue Vincent

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Out of the Mist

Originally posted on Powered by Robots:
© Sue Vincent Standing by a lone tree at the edge of a grassy field watching the sunrise, Greg Neville felt safe for now. They were probably still hiding in the shadows and some were shielded…

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Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Mists

Originally posted on Annette Rochelle Aben:
Chances not taken The opportunities missed Evaporating Into the cold morning mist To disguise frustration’s tears ©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Mists #writephoto

Originally posted on Of Glass & Paper:
Mists ? The ground was frozen, and as he looked up at the pale disc of their star, recognising the landscape in the mists, inhaling the air, he remembered the desert, the infinite…

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Second Chance- #writephoto

Originally posted on Unpredictable Affairs:
“Oh my darling, we must meet again soon,” I cried, clinging to the cuff of his ruffled flannel as he turned to go. “You can’t possible know how I cherish these moments we have. My…

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