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The Tale of the Curious Scarecrow – A children’s story by Gregg Savage

A children’s story reblogged from Gregg Savage – Daily Tales: Once upon a time, in a cornfield very far away, there lived a very curious scarecrow. In fact, he was so curious that he would often make his friends irritated … Continue reading

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A Woman of Power and Substance by Steve Tanham

It is the winter of 1584. The well-dressed woman watches as her fourth husband storms out of the dining hall at their present home, Tutbury Castle, in Staffordshire. In the corner of the room sits a younger woman, now smiling … Continue reading

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Thursday photo prompt – Haven – #writephoto

Every Thursday at noon GMT, I publish one of my photos as a writing prompt. Throughout the week I will feature as many of the responses here on the Daily Echo as space allows. Every week, a full round-up of … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up – Luna- #writephoto

Luna * A sorrowful heart A point of light in darkness Lighting the way home * In jubilation Beacon of reflected light My eye raised to yours * You are always there Epitome of motion Lady of the tides * … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: The Houdini effect or how to worry your human

No, I am not ill, no matter what she might think.  I just like to keep her on her toes a bit. You know what she’s like, into all this sickology stuff. I thought I’d have a go at it … Continue reading

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Given II… Stuart France

* “The really curious thing, is that, from below the Dragon looks quite menacing… Yet from above, less so.” * Source: Stuart France

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Prey #midnighthaiku

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