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Raiding the Castle on the Rocky Coast – Frank Hubeny #writephoto

Why would someone build a castle there Where soil is scarce and little wants to grow Except for moss and plants who only care I do not trample on them as I go? Why do I bother making secrets show, … Continue reading

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Ocean n Human – Leena – #writephoto

Sitting On The Edge Of A High Rock, Jealous Of The Vast Ocean.. I Screamed At The Beautiful Sea Without Its Fault. Not Blaming Myself Too.. But.. Situation And My Helplessness. I Envy On The Deep Sea, As It Has … Continue reading

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Maiden Mother Crone, Part 8 – Farewell by Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth: So this was it. The final stop on my weekend with the Silent Eye, not far from where it had begun for me, two days earlier. We were very close to Aberdeen airport, but, other … Continue reading

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Filicide – #writephoto

Originally posted on In Emma World:
We were some of the lucky ones. I remember staring, horror-struck, as the waves that usually lapped the craggy coastline near our house receded at pace towards the horizon. The briny seaweed clinging to…

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It’s Alive!!! – a new book from Jack Eason

It’s Alive!!! After what seemed like forever (in reality a calendar month), the third and final edition of Glob’s wonderful tales are now live on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form. Here are the two main links: US UK So … Continue reading

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Rubbing Salt in the Wound – Sarah Brentyn #WritePhoto

  “There used to be water here,” he pointed to the cliff. “Up to the standing stones.” She nudged some loose debris with her foot. “This is cool, isn’t it? And, no, there wasn’t. Water, I mean.” “How do you … Continue reading

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Seven days, seven black and white photos – day 2

‘SEVEN DAYS. SEVEN BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS OF YOUR LIFE. NO PEOPLE. NO EXPLANATION. CHALLENGE SOMEONE NEW EACH DAY’ My thanks to Jane Dougherty for inviting me. In turn, I invite Alethea  to join the challenge.

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By Royal Appointment #writephoto #flashfiction  – Geoff LePard

‘Darling, it’s not green’ Darryl sneered as he shook the tension from his shoulders ‘It’s Verdant Blush complimented by The Venus of Moss Extractions.’ He turned away. ‘Green, indeed. She’d never accept just green.’ Primrose Trefoil peered at the cascading … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Little things

She got the harness out and started chasing me. It’s a game we play, though I’m not entirely sure she knows the rules… even though we play it ‘most every day. She keeps telling me to sit still, but how … Continue reading

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So… Stuart France

* … “Why, this stone in particular, we may wonder?” * * “Or, we may not.” * * “There’s always something, inner…” * * “And something, outer…” * * “And something bigger, than both.” Source: Stuart France

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