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#writephoto — A Farm Upstate – This, That and the Other

Reblogged from This, That and The Other: The serenity of the scene belied the treachery that had just taken place. As dawn approached and the light of the moon, entering its waxing crescent phase, began to fade in the slowly … Continue reading

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Keeping it understated – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: I realise that in the past I may have been a little scathing about musicians. Indeed I might even have hinted that you can spend more time keeping them sober than it’s worth. To be fair … Continue reading

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Luna – Alethea Kehas – #writephoto

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: Luna looked through the trees at the moon and thought about death. Death, she decided, was the unbroken space of silence. Where words disintegrated before they could form sound in the black expanse of no-time. Would … Continue reading

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Words of war for peace…

“Lest we forget”

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Luna – pensitivity – #writephoto

Reblogged from pensitivity101: We were in our full glory not so long ago. Lighting the pathway to the stars We had the world before us, you and I. Times change, and so do we, We parted company And now my … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: A last adventure (continued)

Read the first part of this adventure here. We knew the story. Both James and Paul himself have told how it was found, when Paul and his brother, exploring the moors as children, had come upon the strange passageway…and how … Continue reading

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Circles of Heaven… Stuart France

* There is an inevitable circularity to many of our arguments. For the logician circularity is a death knell. Logic proceeds in steps along a perceived line, from a perceived beginning, to a perceived end. For the logician circularity is … Continue reading

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Remember #midnighthaiku

Ancient guardians Witness the passage of time Smile at our folly * War, peace and plenty An ever changing cycle Eternity knows * Memory teaches Until it is forgotten… We will remember *

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