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The Night has a Thousand Eyes – a Jamie Dark story from Geoffrey West

“She wouldn’t just go—she isn’t like that!” “But you said you had a row and told you she was leaving you.” “I know that, but. . .” The trouble with being a senior police officer is that while you have … Continue reading

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Guest author: Graeme Cumming – Self help in writing

When I wrote Ravens Gathering, I knew it needed plotting carefully. There were several twists in it, and garden paths needed laying for the reader to be led up – difficult to do if you start with no real sense … Continue reading

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Guest writer: Shweta Suresh – Love on the sidelines

Admired each other from afar, Rarely lost sight of each other, He was her light and she was his satellite. But they never dared to approach each other. The entire world, as the humans called it, was at stake. Earth … Continue reading

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Enigma from pensitivity #writephoto

She hated him and his conceited know it all attitude. But she’d found a way to silence him. Chanting the ancient enigmatic words, she watched as he cowered under her glare, turning to stone as her vehement anger increased. Continue … Continue reading

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Guest author: Nicholas Rinth – Writing inspiration

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m currently down for the count and confined to my room because I just ate a whole Cinnabon. One. Cinnabon. And I’m feeling sick because of it. How people can continuously consume … Continue reading

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Guest author: Sarah Brentyn – Where I Spin Self Doubt Into a Post

I feel I should put my best foot forward here. Instead, I’m going to go ahead and say I’m having some sort of attack. Panic? Perhaps. I can churn out posts with the best of them. But writing for someone … Continue reading

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Seeking new relationship…

Elderly hippy, likes wearing flowers. Enjoys sunbathing. Excellent home maker. Patient, generous… fairly even tempered, but subject to mood swings. Has been known to throw the occasional wobbly. Exceptionally good at dealing with children. No religious affiliation or prejudice. Excellent … Continue reading

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