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Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 1) – Richard M. Ankers – Author

Reblogged from Richard M. Ankers : The stars poured from the sky in a twinkling explosion of light in the night. To our left, darkness held sway over the universe. To our right, an even deeper obsidian. Yet in that … Continue reading

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Channel 19 by Don Massenzio

Reblogged from Don Massenzio: I am having a blast writing these short stories. This one is a bit different. I’d love to give the background for the idea, but it would give away the story’s ending. Needless to say, the … Continue reading

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Jamie Dark – Psychic investigator and architect

Reblogged from ‘Jamie Dark’:   “Well, the nymphomaniac daughter pairs up with the vicar who believes in ghosts.” “What about her husband?” “Didn’t I tell you? He’s going to fall off the top of a mountain to his death while … Continue reading

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Still not entirely domesticated – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: I suppose it is inevitable. If two attractive unmarried ladies decide to run a boarding house, specialising in providing homely accommodation for single men; there will be gossip. All the more so when the aforementioned ladies … Continue reading

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The raising of the Egyptian Lazarus – Extract from A Certain Measure of Perfection by Simon J. Kyte

Simon J. Kyte shares an extract from his book, A Certain Measure of Perfection (click the link to visit the Kindle page on . “At the time of the Restoration, the opening of a locked chest in a remote … Continue reading

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Guest author: Darlene Foster – Interview with Amanda from the Amanda Travels Series

DF Hello Amanda. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed as your readers are eager to learn more about you. AR Thank you, Mrs. Foster. It is so awesome to be interviewed. I’ve never been interviewed before. DF I used to … Continue reading

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The Frolics at Nightbell Gardens – Tallis Steelyard

Reblogged from Tallis Steelyard: Every city has its foibles, this is self evident. I’d go so far as to suggest that every city has bizarre customs that seem entirely sensible to the citizens but which leave the populace of other … Continue reading

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