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Swords redrawn… #bookextract #fantasy

Some years ago, I published a fantasy novel, set in the magical landscape of Yorkshire. It was initially written to preserve some of the stories and folklore I had learned as a child, wandering the moors with my grandfather. From … Continue reading

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Cold starlight and winter winds, the only caress on a faded cheek. Memories slither through the gaps in the trees to people the night. She hadn’t walked this path for a long time. The first time, she had been young; … Continue reading

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Coffee break

She sat down heavily at the little chrome table. She’d just have a minute. Around her the Saturday shoppers passed unaware. The tears had come from nowhere. Well, that wasn’t strictly true… it was the spectacles that had done it, … Continue reading

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The Listener

Shadows curl around her like smoke. They are close tonight. She bats their presence away…as if they are flies that distract her from the task in hand. She cannot settle, cannot concentrate. Can’t think for their insistence. She leans back … Continue reading

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The pen moves slowly across the page, as if resisting the words that spill forth in ink. There is a hesitancy, a reluctance, as if the writer herself does not want to see the story that is unfolding. An expression … Continue reading

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The Giant’s Song

“…Will you forge the straight track for us, old friend?” Merlin asked the giant. Ogmios’ eyes gleamed in the starlight. “Come, it is long since we walked such a path together. Stay close and have your children gather their courage.” … Continue reading

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Beyond the Veil… #bookextract

“Heilyn’s mother, for instance, is no Titania. By human standards she can be cruel and heartless and her morals non-existent. You may not judge by the accepted code of our world. Faery is not immoral, but amoral in our terms. … Continue reading

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Primacy of Things: Vee-Dee-Day…

* … Mister Em is tall, slim and tanned, with white hair which does not look dyed. I would put him in his late forties to early fifties. He is accompanied into the dining room by a young, scantily-clad female … Continue reading

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Primacy of Things: War-Dead…

* … Before I have time to feel pleased with myself the air stewardess returns, “Mister Em will see you now,” she smiles. Had she been waiting until I found the camera? Would things have been different if it had … Continue reading

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Primacy of Things: Eye-Spy…

* …The door swings open. I am greeted by a full on smile. An air stewardess smile. My greet is even dressed like an air stewardess, without the hat, although her hair-style would accommodate such a hat. As she ushers … Continue reading

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