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Green rocks flower; A warm wind Out of season Rustles winter boughs As Nature’s quiet spirit Murmurs of spring. We listen. Following ancient harmony, The deep song blossoms A secret path Between worlds Through dusk to dawn.

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In season

  Sweet spring withers winter Soft light and ancient frost Rose dawn follows secret night Dark peace a murmured sanctuary No soul flowers in lonely shade But grows in season To blossom wild Roots deep in summer earth

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Starlings in Flight ~ Laura Denise #writephoto

Shadowed starlings in flight, star wishes carried on wings, take the offerings, the pleas, of my most secret dreams… Continue reading at Laura Denise  

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Rites of Passage: Changes…

On the morning of the workshop, long before our companions were due to arrive, two small figures faced a mass of stone and a fair degree of uncertainty. Having scaled the rocky heights, we were agreed… we would have to … Continue reading

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The Girl With the Bicycle ~ Maria #writephoto

It was raining cats and dogs so he ran across the field to take shelter in the stone chamber.  He started when he realized that someone else was there.  His face brightened when he recognized the girl with the bicycle.  … Continue reading

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A Change is Gonna Come (Hopefully) ~ Tina Stewart Brakebill #writephoto

The world spins around Bringing a spark of new hope As fuel for the flames I’ve been WP MIA for a couple of weeks. Between the heat and the constant rain and the general state of our world, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Small change…

I had been called to my younger son’s home on a matter of vital importance… almost a mission of mercy; I had to teach him the innermost secrets of baking my lemon meringue pie. It had been too long since … Continue reading

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Transition ~ Bladud Fleas #writephoto

All the time when we lived opposite and she was alive, I would envy the woman her house across the courtyard from mine. It was serene: the wonderful stone gable, the stout, reliable oak door, and a small, teak garden … Continue reading

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Lord of the Deep ~ Willow Willers

Reblogged from Willow Willers, beginning her journey with the Lord of the Deep… Well it’s 5pm and I have just settled in a comfy position on a very comfortable bed. I have been traveling since 10am until 4pm and I … Continue reading

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A parting gift…

I saw the sunrise warm the curves of your body. I have seen you glimmering, damp with sea-spray, and standing on the high moors surrounded by heather. I have felt secure in your embrace, safe from the cares of the … Continue reading

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