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Chapter Four: ThreeLegs ~ from Usual Muttwits

Vexed, I’m very vexed ThreeLegs considers his state of mind, that place where all thoughts of noshing, eightleggers and sniffing live in a perpetual mush between the earflaps. And thinking about noshing, Threelegs’ belly reminds him he’s missing out on … Continue reading

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Lucy Brazier presents The Best Indie Authors You’ve Never Heard Of – Part One

Reblogged from Lucy Brazier, showcasing Annabelle Franklin, Alethea Kehas, Alexander Elliott and Fran Laniado: Welcome to the first in my series of some of the best independent authors and writers you probably haven’t read yet, but really should. With so … Continue reading

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Discovering Albion- Day 1: Living History

Back to the car for the final stretch of the drive to Yorkshire. We were not meeting till five, so I had plenty of time left to explore. It is amazing how elastic time can be. When the days are … Continue reading

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Time Frame…

‘The concept of ‘darkness’ was revealing. It is where light ends. But I also realised that darkness is not the absence of light but the antithesis of light. In other words, they are aspects of each other. Light and dark … Continue reading

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The Initiate…

* I dream of light-flowers erupting from hilltops and wake up feeling refreshed and looking forward to our planned trip to the Uffington hill carving and Wayland’s Smithy despite the gloomy weather. I cannot really blame Wen for this one … Continue reading

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The long night

The seasons turn as we approach the turning point, the Solstice…  the longest night… just three short weeks away.  And yet, the sky is beautiful this morning, a clear, deep blue graced with the lights of heaven. The world is … Continue reading

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Kinship #midnighthaiku

Life echoing life Form and force shared in the dance Unrecognised kin *  

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