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The long night

The seasons turn as we approach the turning point, the Solstice…  the longest night… just three short weeks away.  And yet, the sky is beautiful this morning, a clear, deep blue graced with the lights of heaven. The world is … Continue reading

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Going West: Going In

It was either going to be spectacular… or very plain. Probably the latter, as we have found that with the highly decorated churches, it tends to be one or the other, inside or out. It was, then, no surprise to … Continue reading

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Going West – The Kilpeck Corbels

Kilpeck’s bellcote reminded me of the first church we had visited, where our adventures had begun, though this one is a nineteenth century addition, carved and decorated in keeping with the rest of the building; restorations have been gentle here. … Continue reading

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Terms of Endearment

I have had many nicknames over the years, from the inevitable adolescent reflections on my anatomy, an avenue we will not explore here thank-you-very-much, to the classically inspired… and just about everything in between.  Most have had a literary inspiration, … Continue reading

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Kindle Countdown Offer – The Mystical Hexagram

THE MYSTICAL HEXAGRAM: The Seven Inner Stars of Power, 2nd Edition G. Michael Vasey and Sue Vincent The Mystical Hexagram is a new and innovative way to work with this ancient symbol. Through personal revelations and exercises, the reader can … Continue reading

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Aquae Sulis

Aquae Sulis… the waters of the Sulis… that was the Roman name for the city of Bath. It is easy to understand why when, since time immemorial, a hot and mineral-rich spring has welled from the ground; the only hot … Continue reading

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Blood moon

If you stand in a field and look up, far from the lights of the city streets, there are a billion stars and a single great orb that appears to radiate a clear, white light. If you breathe in the … Continue reading

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Life flows as water Stained with a crimson passion And the Mother’s blood

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Open up…Land of the Exiles

The alarm was set for 5am but, inevitably, some of us were up and about long before then. There was the temple to prepare, the first real costumes for the Triad and anyway… who could sleep knowing what was to … Continue reading

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A Glastonbury Sanctuary

Tomorrow is the final day of the Glastonbury Sanctuary appeal to create a peaceful space for seekers and pilgrims of all paths… they still need a few more pledges of £25 in order to reach their target. Please help if … Continue reading

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