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Not Stupid Today – A True Story ~ Graeme Cumming is Hugh Roberts Guest

Reblogged from Hugh’s Views and News: I’m delighted to welcome Graeme Cumming to my blog. Not only is Graeme somebody I class as a friend, but he’s also a very talented author, writer and blogger. Graeme’s true story opened up … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: A Last Adventure

It is not every day that you can go on a real adventure to see a genuine, bona fide mystery, but that is exactly what we were going to do on the last day of our trip. We had been … Continue reading

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The City and the Stars (5) – Structure 10: pyramid ~ Steve Tanham

The more the Orkney archeologists uncover, the more it is certain that the settlement on the Ness of Brodgar was the hub of a dynamically influential and spiritual society, 5000 years ago… For example, what’s this pyramid…. yes, that’s right, … Continue reading

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* … When the Fenians had risen and come out the following morning, Fin approached Brown, Black and Grey and said, “Do you have anything to relate from the watch last night.” So, the three newcomers told their respective stories … Continue reading

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A Harmony of Eight – Stuart France

* The point sits at the centre of the square, where its two diagonals intersect. * * From the same intersection, another square can be drawn at right angles to the first. Like this, we create eight equidistant points. * … Continue reading

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The dawn sneaked in without a blaze, No flash of flame, nor golden haze, No fanfare played to greet the sun… And yet, a new day has begun. Beyond an iron veil of rain In summer’s absence, tears of pain … Continue reading

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Incarnate #midnighthaiku

Within a bubble Limited by time and space Consciousness looks out Seeing itself reflected Finding a home in  beyond *  

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