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Shine #midnighthaiku

In midwinter’s depths The light against the darkness Shines all the brighter *

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The long night

The seasons turn as we approach the turning point, the Solstice…  the longest night… just three short weeks away.  And yet, the sky is beautiful this morning, a clear, deep blue graced with the lights of heaven. The world is … Continue reading

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Marking the Horizon ~ Steve Tanham

Our garden is south-facing, which is lovely when the sun shines, as we benefit from its rays through most of the day. I’ve begun to write about the history of our ‘gunpowder’ village of Sedgwick in other posts. The old … Continue reading

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A Dorset Weekend With The Silent Eye – Part 2 ~ Helen Jones

Reblogged from Journey to Ambeth… Helen Jones continues the story of her experience with the Silent Eye in Dorset: Still officially on a blog break, I swear. But there is more to tell about my trip to Dorset, so here … Continue reading

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Clouds #midnighthaiku

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Wishes ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

They danced around the old stone, young and old, to the sound of pipes and drums, evoking ancient spirits, and secret deities. Then the elders had let the villagers hang the colours of their wishes, and he had waited a … Continue reading

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A light in the darkness

“I have awoken with a fire in my belly, a good fire, one that speaks of life, a beacon in the dark, and if I place it on a high enough peak perhaps you can see it, perhaps it can … Continue reading

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Timeless #midnighthaiku

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A Midnight Clear – Ailsa Abraham

Not exactly! Bobby’s family ran an old-fashioned farm. They had worried about going out of business but with the renewed interest in animal-welfare and natural products, they were becoming very popular again with customers flocking to their farm shop. Like … Continue reading

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A Time of Light

Christmas came early, arriving by the late coach from the north Friday night for an even later supper…once Ani had calmed down a little; her excitement on the arrival of her ball throwing friend evident. She has him well trained … Continue reading

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