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Willow Willers interviews Author, Jane Dougherty.

Reblogged from willowdot21: Today I am very excited to have the very talented Jane Dougherty to visit and discuss her latest book. This is a new adventure for Jane as this is a poetry book. Hello, Willow. Thank you for … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: Tales of the Unexpected

Sadly, it was to be our last night in Scotland. We had found a place to stay just outside Pitlochry. The next morning we would begin the long drive to our next rendezvous… a meeting with a friend in Yorkshire. … Continue reading

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The City and the Stars (2) : The Houses of Skara Brae ~ Steve Tanham

Skara Brae’s modern story began in 1850 when a violent sea-storm tore off the layers of grass, sand and soil that had covered what appeared to be two ancient and completely intact Neolithic houses. For 4,000 years, they had been … Continue reading

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Brown, Black, Grey and Red…

* Fin Mac Coll was hunting with his Fenians south of Ballyshannon. Three strange men approached the company. “Let no one speak before they get to me,” said Fin. The three interlopers said nothing until they stood before Fin. “Our … Continue reading

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Fan dancers

I used to collect antique fans… I have a thing about them. Ever since I saw my great-grandmother’s little fan in the china cabinet as a girl, I have wondered about their stories. Grandma’s fan was a simple affair; pierced … Continue reading

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Shaped #midnighthaiku

To sail without sails Across a boundless ocean Of gold and honey Perception and memory Shape what was to what should be… *

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