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What I saw this morning ~ Alethea Kehas #poetry

Reblogged from The Light Behind the Story: Photo Cedit: Pixabay                 * I saw you in the moors today your hair wild like milkweed blown free with she who waits standing in the … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: Fragments of History

Outside the porch of the kirk at Fortingall stands an ancient font. Local legend states that Coeddi himself may have used it to baptise some of the first Christians in the area when the monks of Iona founded a sister … Continue reading

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The Alchemist: ‘A Violet Duke’?… Stuart France

Architect in the guise of Thomas-the-Apostle. * If our Alchemist was pulling his beard, it would be because he and the grotesques surrounding him on the tower baulstrades of Notre-Dame, Paris, were not actually mediaeval statuary at all, but nineteenth-century … Continue reading

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A song in the darkness…

“… It was like waking into a nightmare within a dream. I could feel sticky limbs attaching themselves to me all over, leeching the life from me. When I dared to open my eyes all I could see were these … Continue reading

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Thinking time

What is your criteria for a good book? Apart from wanting it to be well written and presented, what is it that you look for? Entertainment value? Information? Emotion, relaxation or a momentary escape from the humdrum round of daily … Continue reading

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Believe #midnighthaiku

Unscaleable hills Unfollowable pathways But dreams can always be dreamed *

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