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The Entered Dragon (2) : dancing with shadows ~ Steve Tanham

This time the dream is different. I know the dragon is there, but can’t see it. But I can see the heavy spear on the ground in front of me… I bend to pick it up. Something moves behind me, … Continue reading

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The fabric of being

We all know them, that handful of people who cling to a reactionary refusal to own a mobile phone… or turn it on when they do… or bother to check it. Or they don’t really like computers or social media. … Continue reading

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The House that Fish Built: Chariots at Dawn…

* …King Grim-Gaze the slug-man struck the silver sceptre that was in his hand against the bronze pillar of his couch three times, and by the third stroke, the combatants had let drop their hands to their sides. “I restrain … Continue reading

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A Magical Tradition… Stuart France

* The Roman Catholic Church’s criteria for ‘conferring sainthood’ rests upon intercession. * Intercession can be described as, ‘the predilection of disincarnate entities to effect the incarnate world in a positive way’. * If enough people report a successful outcome … Continue reading

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The House that Fish Built…

* … No smoke from the roof-rounds of Albion without tribute to them… A tribute on the Quern. A tribute on the Kneading Trough. A tribute on the Baking Flags… An ounce of gold for every nose North, South, East … Continue reading

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Wayland: White Horse… Stuart France

* But according to some, Wayland has far more onerous responsibilities than shoeing the horses of passing way farers… * A group of local lads were enjoying a drink one evening at the White Horse Inn, Woolstone, when an unknown … Continue reading

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Tango in the key of sorry ~ Steve Tanham

As the years pass, I continue to wonder at the marvel of human communication, and the sadness of how little we use its potential… The world appears to be full of conflict and strife. But much of it is happening … Continue reading

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Wayland: The Blessed Isles… Stuart France

* The tone of the tale once Britain is reached, becomes very different… * Alighting on Berkshire’s High Downs, Wayland came upon an ancient chambered tomb, and made it his home. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Wayland: Silver-Smith of Souls… Stuart France

* There are a number of intriguing aspects to the legend of Wayland Smithy… The earliest written sources appear late and are decidedly piecemeal. * Wayland is the son of a God, Giant, or King of the Otherworld. He is … Continue reading

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Which Doctor?… Stuart France

* “Look, it’s Doctor Who!” “That’s not Doctor Who.” “I thought you liked Doctor Who?” “I do, but that’s not him, it’s just an actor!” * The actor in question was John Pertwee, who played The Doctor between January 1970 … Continue reading

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