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Solstice of the Moon – a Silent Eye Event in Scotland

Maiden, Mother, Crone Solstice of the Moon Inverurie, Scotland 15th-17th September 2017 The gently undulating and fertile landscape between the foothills of the Grampian Mountains and the North Sea proved an attractive place to settle for the early Neolithic peoples … Continue reading

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Phantoms of the past…

When I met her, I thought her no more than a dream of the landscape, born of the mists and the magic. Imagination. Fantasy. Perhaps she is. Perhaps I delude myself with my listening. Perhaps my tears have fallen for … Continue reading

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A touch of inspiration

I knew I should have pulled over and written it down. All the way into work, the words just flowed. It was good stuff and I was learning as I spoke the words out loud, writing the imaginary article with … Continue reading

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The space between the words

I love my bedroom. It is nothing special. The decor is plain and simple and the room holds far more book-space than clothes storage. I sleep, read and dress in there and, more importantly, the dog does nothing in there … Continue reading

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A bird in the bush?

The dog has just eaten her dinner for the first time in days. I have not been worried. There is a pattern to her behaviour that I perfectly understand…though precisely how she arrived at her conclusions escapes me. We had … Continue reading

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‘The Hill in a Dark Grove’… Stuart France

Images and text from the ‘Ash and Seed’ weekend… * * Sunday saw the Company approaching our final Sacred Site… * * Re-discovering over breakfast that the burial mound of Bryn Celli Ddu had once been a henge and circle … Continue reading

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#Silenti – A Rose Beyond Violence, part four – Steve Tanham

Jiddu Krishnamurti, (1895-1986) taken in 1929. Image source below   Krishnamurti was not afraid of the radical. “The moment there is radical change in what we are,” he said. “we shall bring about peace in the world…” It’s a very … Continue reading

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