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This is You…

* All this. The world, and everything in it, is you. Not the you you think you are. Continue reading at France & Vincent

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Shadow Play…

* ‘Shadowing’ is our term for the phenomenon whereby a standing stone, or group of stones, recreates a distant landscape feature and thereby renders it immediately apparent or tangible. Most other megalithic writers on the subject have also, independently, recognised … Continue reading

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Little Acorns…

* … A paper flyer blowing in the wind clings to my ankle. I stoop and peel it from my trouser leg, unfurl it and read… ‘…LITTLE ACORNS…’ A Puppet-Play Figured in Three Acts FEATURING THE REDOUBTABLE MR PUNCH THE … Continue reading

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Wish you were here… Stuart France

* In Olden Times, Holidays were originally just that… Holy Days. The whole community would lay aside their work day duties and together engage in deeply or intrinsically symbolic activities which related to the situation that they all found themselves … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: Seal…

* ‘For God created man immortal, and made him in the image of his own eternity.’ – The ‘Twentieth’ Leaf The preceding image we had to own did not seem to us particularly god-like. We turned the leaf: The Twenty-First … Continue reading

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Wayland: The White Horse… Stuart France

* But according to some, Wayland has far more onerous responsibilities than shoeing the horses of passing way farers… * A group of local lads were enjoying a drink one evening at the White Horse Inn, Woolstone, when an unknown … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: A Corn of Wheat…

* ‘…then a triangle and finally a circle……’ – The ‘Eighteenth’ Leaf. …This to our mind pretty much makes the earth feminine and the moon masculine which we expect also makes the sun feminine and the star behind the sun … Continue reading

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Magical mornings

It was a luminous dawn, the world blanketed in a thick cocoon of frost against the darkness and silence of a newborn morning. The sun rose, pale and gold, strewing a million diamonds on the tarmac path; setting a fire … Continue reading

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Ars Geometrica: Atalanta…

‘The Flight of Atalanta’ by Michael Maier… * …The ‘Sixteenth’ and ‘Seventeenth’ Leaves. * ‘…From a man and a woman make a circle…’ ‘…And then a square…’ * We thought again of The Officers Of Law who appeared to see … Continue reading

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* Dark night, utterly dark. Probably just as well. If his friends could see him and knew where he was going… Not that he knew where he was going himself, just who he was meeting and that was bad enough! … Continue reading

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