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The Finding of Polarity (3) – #Silenti

In parts one and two of this set of three posts, we have examined how the development of the individual, the ‘self’, is a different process from the development of our young bodies, and relies upon our departure from ‘oneness’ … Continue reading

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The Finding of Polarity (2) – #Silenti

‘As I begin to understand how ‘I’ am made I begin to see that infinity can largely be equated with what is formless and not with some mathematically and useless hugeness’ I wrote that down some time ago. From one … Continue reading

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Under the weather

It is spring and here, that can mean anything. For many it means being ‘under the weather’ with colds, viruses and the other miseries that attend the change of season. Yesterday was as warm as a summer’s day… the day … Continue reading

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Plagiarism and validation

Noun: plagiarism:  the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Sometimes when I’m about to write about a particular idea, I will look at quotes on the subject. Not to use either … Continue reading

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The Finding of Polarity (1) – #Silenti by Steve Tanham

We can speak of mysticism, of magic, of meditation, of psychodynamics and many other labels, but all these refer to the attempt by the human consciousness to become aware of a deeper level of existence than our normal day-world. In … Continue reading

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Points of view

Some eyes see only through a darkened haze Behind dark lenses, blinkered, self-conditioned Blind to the dancing joy where rainbows arc Afraid to see the colours life commissioned. Some eyes see far in pastel coloured glory Leaving life behind them … Continue reading

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Freedom via Relationship -#Silenti

The pre-born, living within Mother, but increasingly alive, knows only the dual world of She-and-me. The new-born, finding itself in an undefinable aloneness yet reassured by a Mother now separated, clings to her now-externalised warmth and nourishment. But a dramatic … Continue reading

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