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Liz Gauffreau Reviews: Sacred Mounds by Jim Metzner

Reblogged from Liz Gauffreau: Jim Metzner’s historical fantasy Sacred Mounds opens with a man who has lost time and gained a tattoo on the palm of his hand. Meet Salvador Samuels, a middle-aged man of no particular distinction, except for … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: Mysteries on Loch Ness

After the incredible experience of Clava Cairns, it was probably just as well that our next destination was not far and would offer no more than beauty to bewitch us. I have camped on its shores and ‘showered’ in its … Continue reading

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Mary Smith ~ Writing under lockdown

Reblogged from MarySmith’sPlace : I’m excited to be a contributor in a new anthology which provides a unique record of life in my Galloway, my own wee part of Scotland, during the first 12 weeks of lockdown. Writedown: Lockdown in … Continue reading

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Whirling Limbs…

* …As Abadam and Yva made their way out of the garden in the east, it seemed as though the leaves of the trees themselves were whispering: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed … Continue reading

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On the Doorstep: Whitchurch ~ Shadow and Light

No visit to a rural village is complete without exploring the church, especially when these old places frequently date back to Norman times and beyond. Each one of them is not only a place of worship that has stood at … Continue reading

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Peace #midnighthaiku

Opalescent calm Within and without aligned A pearl beyond price *

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