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Chapter Three: ThreeLegs ~ from Usual Muttwits

One! announces ThreeLegs, eyeballing Βία up and down and all overs before lurching on. Two! he starts along the cages, carefully counting off three…and four… until he reaches number five. He stops, checking the five toes of his one front … Continue reading

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The Sacred Feminine Trilogy. Watch as a Large Charcoal Drawing develops in the Studio ~ Glen Rogers

Reblogged from Art and Sacred Sites : Sometimes you create a piece of art because of the materials you have available to you. This is especially true during the Covid-19 lock down. I had this beautiful large sheet of amate … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: Colours of Faith

We were up early next morning and were cheerful about an email we’d had, telling us that the friends we had found over breakfast on our first morning in Scotland would be joining us for the December workshop in Derbyshire. … Continue reading

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An Imperious Impulse: Lodge of the Dead…

* …It happened that Coyote’s wife was sitting near the entrance to the Lodge of the Dead. “Sit here, next to your wife,” said Death Spirit. Coyote could not see anything. It looked to him like he was standing in … Continue reading

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Graeme Cumming Reviews: The Initiate ~ Stuart France and Sue Vincent

Reblogged from Graeme Cumming: Perhaps unusually, I’m going to open up by saying that I know both authors of this book – but in this case, that knowledge will provide context to my review. I first ‘met’ Sue online through … Continue reading

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Images and imagination

The first thought that sprang to mind when I saw work created recently by a young lady who is a friend of my son was that were I to write the children’s book that is wandering round my mind, I … Continue reading

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Watched #midnighthaiku

Watching the watcher Little matter which is which Eye meets eye in peace  

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