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Mary Smith: AfghanistanAdventures#58 ~ Skulduggery and spies

Continue reading at Mary Smith’s Place: Nothing to do with Jaghoray – this is Jawad, one time driver, now programme co-ordinator, taken between Lal and Waras on a recent tour Hussain had sent messages from Jaghoray, warning us against going … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: Circle of Peace

Our first stop next day was a place where mysterious stones, a Celtic saint and a link to one of the best-known legends of the British Isles all come together in a village churchyard. It took a bit of finding, … Continue reading

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Proud Angel…

* “The Peacock Angel fomented a rebellion among the Angels of Heaven, where he had been a leading light. * He declared that he would go and establish a kingdom for himself. * When going out at the Gates of … Continue reading

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Mellow moods for Autumn (5) : sounds of the forest stream

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
We’re lucky to live close to two forests. The first is a few minutes’ walk away, the other is further and larger, the main path taking the walker in a slow ascent through the…

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Carrot and Coals: Fin Cop…

* …On the screen of inner sight a single glowing point of light that seems farther than the farthest star, yet closer than the sun. Between her and the light nothing but the streaks of passage… a stream of movement, … Continue reading

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Interlude ~ Sound principles?

We waited for a few minutes while our small group took pictures of the stones of Stonehenge. It is rare to be able to photograph the monument without hordes of people, but with the gates closed to the general public, … Continue reading

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Unfolding #midnighthaiku

A day unfolding Promises in potential Layers of delight *

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