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Supernatural Encounters – True Stories And A Guest Blog Post By Victoria Zigler @VictoriaZigler

Reblogged from Hugh’s Views & News: I’m delighted to welcome Victoria (Tori) Zigler to my blog today. After reading an interview with Victoria on the blog of Teri Pollen, I invited her to write a guest post about some of … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: The Field of Prayer

There were many merry meetings in Inverurie, bringing a golden glow to the afternoon that belied the grisaille of rain and wet stone. We were greeted outside our meeting place with fierce hugs from a lady we love dearly and … Continue reading

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CrossFire… #MysteryThriller ~ Jaye Marie

Excerpt from CrossFire ‘Do you know why we have brought you here today, Ann?’ Ruth thought she would ease her way in, rather than accuse her straight off, for triggering any hostility wouldn’t get them anywhere. The woman stared at … Continue reading

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Carrots and Coals: Green and Grey…

* …A hand extended, smiling eyes unseen but felt. She takes the hand, stiff after the long vigil in the chill of night, accepting assistance to regain her feet. The grass is cold, frost biting her bare toes. Above, a … Continue reading

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Reaching for the sun

It doesn’t really matter where we think dreams come from, they often have things to say. Some regard them as spiritual, most accept their psychology but however we see them it is undeniable that we access areas not usually available … Continue reading

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Illusive #midnighthaiku

Cling to illusions Eyes closed holding back the tides Dreamer’s paradise Neither will nor rueful strength Delaying the dawning light * For Colleen’s poetry challenge, theme chosen by Marsha Ingrao    

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Inverlochy Castle ~ Jo Woolf

Reblogged from The Hazel Tree: We were driving back from a road-trip to Glen Garry, where we’d been admiring the spectacle of autumn colours: birch, beech and aspen dripping in luminous shades of yellow and gold, and the distant Knoydart … Continue reading

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Solstice of the Moon: The High Way of the Fairies

We…well, okay, I… decided to take a shortcut from our stopover to our destination. ‘Shortcut’ may not be entirely accurate. Taking the main roads would be nine miles shorter in distance, the roads would undoubtedly be faster and with less … Continue reading

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The Alchemists: Paracelsus… Stuart France

Phillipus Aureolus Theophratus Bombastus von Hohenheim 1493 -1541 * ‘The sun comes out and many reptiles spawn.’ Percy Bysshe Shelley * Many to whom the name of Paracelsus is familiar are wont to regard him as a singularly successful ‘quack’ … Continue reading

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Carrot and Coals: Shift…

* The stone is warm beneath her back. Above her the clear blue of the sky is powdered with clouds, barely moving. It is sheltered here in the circle, the earthen banks of the henge protecting the centre from the … Continue reading

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