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Diana’s March poem: you left me behind

Originally posted on Myths of the Mirror:
pixabay image from Natan Vance you left me behind by D. Wallace Peach ? you left me behind because I was born in the barrio in a shack by flooded rivers in the…

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Light ~ Michael #writephoto

It was at the exact moment when the sun hit the ground that life was able to surge. It became contagious, as it moved across the forest floor and the life within the ground strung into action. The light was … Continue reading

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Light Shone ~ Deborah #writephoto

upon bluebell wood intense is sun’s bright ray shone color is devoid Continue reading at  A Wise Woman’s Journey

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Peru: Rhythm of the Amazon ~ Randall Collis

Reblogged from Global Sojourns Photography: Every morning the Amazon wakes me with a new symphony. One day the tempo of the rain, next day the pulsating sounds of howler monkeys, and today it’s the electric strain of sunrise matching the … Continue reading

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Reducing stress ~ Larry Trasciatti #writephoto

I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks.  I have an annoying job.   Bills get me crazy.  All sorts of disappointments keep following me around.  Nothing ever changes in my life. Continue reading at Eastelmhurst.a.Go.Go

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King Fisher’s Way…

* One time when there was no food at Coyote’s Lodge he went round to Kingfisher’s. “I’m really hungry,” said Coyote, “what is there to eat here?” Kingfisher did not like Coyote’s way with words but he sent his son … Continue reading

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Bright ~ Willow Willers #writephoto

Bright After All the dark Now in our lives Mother Nature brings The spring to bring us hope Continue reading at willowdot21

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To have and to hold…

From behind the curtain I am watching the birds in the garden. I am waiting for the hawthorns to grow tall and become a haven for feathered things. They are, for the moment, little more than bushes, but even so, … Continue reading

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Keys to the House of Don: Heart… Stuart France

* …’Wen is still worried about the insanity of it all… but fairy stories only appear insane to us now because we have become so separated from truth… As children we accepted their subconscious logic intuitively. It both satisfied our … Continue reading

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Hidden #midnighthaiku

Light too bright to see Blinded to reality Hiding in shadows

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