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On the Riverbank ~ Suzanne #writephoto

Josh wandered along the riverbank carrying his fishing rod and tackle box. Around him the day began to awake. Birds tweeted, frogs croaked and sunlight sparkled. It was all a refreshing change after the grind of the city and the … Continue reading

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Tranquil ~ Christine Mallaband-Brown #writephoto

Funny how the light shines in this glade she thought. The trees and the beach look pink and purple. It must be the weather. Then she looked up to where the sun should be, but the star she saw  was … Continue reading

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Faces of Shiva ~ Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: Brahma creates the world. Vishnu sustains it so that it might achieve its potential. Shiva destroys it when its positive energy has been exhausted. The ‘world’ might be everything, or, for the initiate of old, … Continue reading

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Announcing My New Audio Book – Let Me Be Frank

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
I am proud to announce that my book, Let me be Frank, has been released in audiobook format. This is the second book in the Frank Rozzani detective series. Here is a synopsis: A…

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Tranquil ~ YellowStylo #writephoto

The poison of tranquil is beckoning, As our world falls apart, The colourless violence screams, Tired and drooping, our eyes long to see the blues and the greens. Shouldn’t reality be real? Continue reading at Yellowstylo

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My tranquility, my light ~ stoneronarollercoaster #writephoto

And then popped your image Between hundreds of pictures Your light brown side parted hair Partially draping your visage Falling on your shoulder Like a stream of gold Cascading down In perfect harmony And that smile When you are not … Continue reading

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Hard Edges Cage imposed Limiting form Counting syllables Seeking conformity Obedient to dictates Narrowing the field of vision To engender uniformity The bias of judgement obeys its rules Railing against apparent constriction Forgetting existence is defined Necessary separation Failing to … Continue reading

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Denial #midnighthaiku

  Spirit of the wild Origin and inner child Crushed beneath our feet  

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