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Ophelia ~ Violet Lentz #writephoto

accursed by ardor withered, never culled from her sweet vine, she acquiesced her ache, for Hamlet’s ever afflicted mind. Continue reading at Thru Violet’s Lentz

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MarySmith’sPlace – #Buzkashi

Originally posted on Mary Smith's Place:
I came across some photos from my years in Afghanistan and felt such a pang of nostalgia for my winter and early spring Friday afternoons watching buzkashi – Afghanistan’s national equestrian sport. Apologies…

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Wyrdly Enough

Originally posted on Wyrmflight:
Wyrd. An ancient word that echoes into today’s weird and wonderful domain of genre fiction. Today we use the word “weird” to describe anything strange or hard to explain. “Did you see those weird lights in…

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An Opening ~ Padre’s Ramblings #writephoto

Not all welcoming gates are bright and pearly – Some can seem quite harsh or dreary – But we should not judge by the outward view – For the welcome inside may be sincere and true   Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Alethea Kehas Journeys from Long Meg to Little Meg

Reblogged from Not Tomatoes: The pulse of red spiral of light emanating from the Long Meg stone lasted mere seconds. As the stone returned to its outer stasis, I found myself catching my breath in wonderment. Had I imagined the … Continue reading

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Precognition ~ Daisybala #writephoto

She could see the future events, even before they have happened. It was more than clairvoyance. It was precognition!This extra sensory perception had intercepted her life often looming large and haunting her. These days often her nights were perturbed when … Continue reading

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The Secret Place ~ Suzanne #writephoto

Afterwards Miranda could not say what it was that made her walk down that overgrown lane on that overcast and dreary afternoon.    Lately she’d been doing odd and unpredictable things.   It wasn’t so much that she felt lost but … Continue reading

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A parting gift…

I saw the sunrise warm the curves of your body. I have seen you glimmering, damp with sea-spray, and standing on the high moors surrounded by heather. I have felt secure in your embrace, safe from the cares of the … Continue reading

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Free Passage?… Stuart France

* ‘It’s easy,’ she had said, ‘you believe the other-world to be greater than this one…’ ‘Do I?’ ‘You believe those that have passed can still see you…’ ‘That’s true.’ ‘…but you can’t see them?’ ‘Not ordinarily, no.’ ‘So there … Continue reading

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Challenge #midnighthaiku

False light in half light Juxtaposed realities Challenging nature *

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