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How To Be An Expert Typo Hunter ~ K. M. Allan

Reblogged from K. M. Allan: You’ve got to be a lot of things when you’re a writer. Not only do you need to craft characters and worlds from nothing, bring together a cohesive story, and take hundreds of random words … Continue reading

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The House that Fish Built: Very-White…

* …Said Very-White, “it is but a drop before a shower:  I see another chariot coming over the plain.” “Describe it,” said Sweet-Mouthed Maeve. Said Very-White, “I see the horses pulling the chariot: two fiery, spirited bays of great strength … Continue reading

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No ball outside the bathroom door No muddy trace of canine feet There is no dog hair on the floor The house looks shiny, clean and neat. Outside the pigeons on the fence Can bill and coo without a fight … Continue reading

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Harbinger… Stuart France

* It has been surmised that the future enters our past in order that the present may form… Sometimes it certainly feels a little like that. For one thing it has been twenty-seven months since our last sighting of a … Continue reading

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Guilty #midnighthaiku

Hiding is futile Guilt can wear many faces Some still melt the heart Ani demands that I point out that these are old photos and she would not dream of unstuffing anything these days… she says.

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