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Bare ~ Frank Prem #writephoto

oh mother oh mother tripped you bare left you naked Continue reading at Frank Prem Poetry

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The Saints and Sinners of Buckingham Old Town

After a week of hard study, yesterday came as a welcome break with the chance to do an 11-mile walk in preparation for my Big Castle Wander this summer. We decided to stay local, wandering through the countryside and on…

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They Said ~ Fandango #writephoto

They said it would revive our local economy. They said it would create new jobs. They said it would improve our lives. They said it wouldn’t contaminate our drinking water. They said it wouldn’t pollute our air. Continue reading at … Continue reading

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Saltwater ~ H. R. R. Gorman

Reblogged from Let Me Tell You the Story of… What made the gods cry Great saltwater tears Such that their anguish Filled ocean trenches? What suckling babe died, Leaving lone parents, To form the seashores? What child was sent off With … Continue reading

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Cassie’s Dream ~ Suzanne #writephoto

In a dream Cassie felt herself to be standing on a rocky platform. She could feel the dense hardness of it beneath her feet but when she looked down it seemed to her that the rock was made of light. … Continue reading

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Dear Don: Erratics…

Dear Don, The weekend was excellent… the meeting went very well, we got a lot of good work done (for which I shall have to type up our notes at some point) and we found the stone circle! Which bodes … Continue reading

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Rift ~ Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

It started small She thought he’s done something He didn’t even call It was such a dumb thing Some unpleasant remark She thought he’s done something Continue reading at Lady Lee Manila

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City rhythm…?

I couldn’t remember the last time I had walked so far on urban pavements. I generally avoid going into town with all the dedication I would show to avoiding, say, a dinner invitation from a ravenous vampire…and for much the … Continue reading

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…Buffalo… Stuart France

* …Buffalo trampled the grass and tore up the earth with his front hoofs but when he looked for Field-Mouse he was nowhere to be found. ‘That’s put an end to him,’ thought Buffalo. Just then he felt a scratching … Continue reading

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Travelling #midnighthaiku

* All destinations Unknown until arrival Pathways lit by hope *

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