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Behind the Scenes…

It is an odd thing to put on a workshop where ritual and drama are mixed. Odd, but old… theatre has its roots in the sacred drama of ancient times. Even the rituals of the Church have a theatrical element, … Continue reading

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WHAT’S UP DOC? Lines of communication II…

* …Cara: If we can’t trust the written word what can we trust? Bugs settles at the West and Cara at the East. Bugs: Vertical Polarity! Cara: recites… OL SONUF VAORSAGI GOHO IADA BALTA. ELEXARPEH COMANANU TABITOM. ZODAKARA, EKA ZODAKARE … Continue reading

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Busy doing nothing…

Half ten at night and I still don’t have a post ready for morning. I’ve been sitting at the desk for far too long, with minor excursions to feed me, the fish and the dog… not necessarily in that order… … Continue reading

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Do I cease to exist if I am not seen, Like a tree in a forest that makes no sound Unless it is heard when it falls? Do I exist in the mirror when I look, An illusory glimpse into … Continue reading

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Non-linear thought

“How could they have known?” This is a question I have often asked myself… how could those who have gone before us have known where to begin with an idea that has changed the human world. Take radio, for example. … Continue reading

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One of our mounds is missing! II… Stuart France

‘Green-Lion’- on the tower of Ogbourne St. Andrew’s Church. …Those of you who follow the adventures of Don and Wen in our series of books will be aware that one of their remits is to investigate the interface between the … Continue reading

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