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Good Morning Henry! ~ Anurag Bakhshi #writephoto

“Henry, you’re still not up?” Mom cried out. Henry lazily opened his left eye half-way through, and then shut it again. Mom and morning could wait, sleep couldn’t. But Mom was made of sterner stuff, and waiting was not in … Continue reading

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Rift ~ Anjali Sharma #writephoto

When my conscience leads me, I land up where I ought to be. When my ego leads me, I land up where I want to be. Continue reading at Positive Side Of The Coin

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More Glimpses by Hugh Roberts #newbook #booklaunch

Reblogged from Hugh’s News and Views: Do you believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden? Would you dare steal items from a blind person or send your neighbours on a time-travelling trip full of menace and danger to … Continue reading

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Rift ~ Ritu Bhathal #writephoto

I see the beginnings of a valley I see distances starting to form A natural split happening A land that will become torn Will beauty dissipate Or will it double? Continue reading at But I Smile Anyway

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Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
* “You know Shuruppak, the ancient city? I was its king, long ago, when the Great Gods sent a flood. * Ea informed me and I built a big boat. I loaded up the…

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Dear Wen: Canopic Jars…

Dear Wen… Yes, that is odd, and a complete reversal of what one would expect… Anthropomorphism is supposed to follow zoomorphism not the other way around… So…lungs…east…liver…south… stomach…west… intestines…north… Heart …the all encompassing central and peripheral…quintessence. The brain as a … Continue reading

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Bleeding Beautiful ~ Deborah #writephoto

flawed perfection with a rift in the foundation bleeds beautiful things Reblogged from  A Wise Woman’s Journey

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That vague feeling…

It was the best I could find at the time that ticked all the ‘necessary’ boxes and most of the ‘desirables’ too. It even had a couple of ‘bonus’ boxes checked and dangling like carrots. From the cavernous boot that … Continue reading

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Field-Mouse… Stuart France

* Field-Mouse was out gathering wild-beans for winter when Buffalo came down to the meadow to graze. ‘He will mow down the long-grass with his prickly tongue and there will be no where left to hide,’ thought Field-Mouse, ‘I will … Continue reading

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Promise #midnighthaiku

* I will wear flowers In promise and memory You will be their fruit *

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