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First and last through the gates ~ Christine Mallaband-Brown #writephoto

The stone gateway was imposing, the heavy gates looked too big to push open easily. The first time I walked through the gates I was 10 years old and very nervous. My grandma lived in the big house, but as … Continue reading

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Invitation ~ Di #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an imposing stone gateway, with pillars carved with foliage and strange faces… and the gates standing ajar. No-one saw anyone enter or leave Farrow House. There was no letter box, no doorbell, no … Continue reading

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Blog Tour: Everything going swimmingly ~ Jim Webster

Previous chapters in this tale can be found scattered across the blogosphere…. 1) For want of a knight ​​2) The eyes have it 3) The miser and the demon 4) Just one more glass 5) Occasionally one has to do … Continue reading

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Invitation ~ Sisyphus #writephoto

Letter found at the gate, pinned on a mysterious (dead) body… Dear Miss Marples, I wish to let you know of circumstances that, hopefully, may attract your attention. You should know first of all that I am the sole successor … Continue reading

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Invitation ~Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

(Note: This is the second chapter of yet another serial…  The first chapter is here (Note2 – if you read the first version on my last story, Timeless, you may want to read the second take as there were a … Continue reading

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The Blindfolded Girl in the Hallway

Originally posted on The Light Behind the Story:
Photo Credit: Pexels It had been easy to plan. Perhaps too easy. My husband’s forwarding of the airfare deal had led to another trip across the pond that had been pulled together…

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Ribbons of light

“There was a rainbow waiting for them above the barrow. Its head was lost in the halo of cloud which mirrored the encircling hills.If the landscape itself is the grail of legend, then the hill is the jewel at its … Continue reading

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The Gift… Stuart France

* It is possible to box almost anything. Thoughts… Ideas… Emotions… In this way a whole life may be compartmentalised into secure, bounded segments of much more manageable proportions. Bite sized pieces. Or even, ‘shots’. * Continue reading at Stuart … Continue reading

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Fallen #midnighthaiku

Scattered far from home Borne by the flow of being Beauty still survives

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