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Spirit – Iain Kelly #writephoto

There was no magic in what he did. The snow made it easy to track the footprints. So long as it did not snow again before nightfall, he would find his prey. The creek had not frozen over yet, the … Continue reading

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#writephoto – Glade – The Bag Lady

A ray of sunshine illuminates the glade The fiddlehead ferns spread up to reach the warmth Tree branches bend a bit to let the undergrowth revel Pale leaves start to green Springtime in the forest. Source: #writephoto –  – The … Continue reading

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 Glade – #writephoto from pensitivity

Reblogged from pensitivity101: I’ve missed the challenges these past two weeks and looking forward to participating again. This is a beautiful picture, conjuring up all sorts of thoughts in my head. Where better to start? https://scvincent.com/2017/10/05/thursday-photo-prompt-glade-writephoto/ Guide me gentle light, … Continue reading

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Glade #writephoto Hayley R. Hardman

Reblogged from The Story Files: As we tromped through the Japanese ‘suicide’ forest, I tried to remember what number this activity had been at on Robin’s bucket list. Somewhere around the middle maybe? Scrambling over a large tree root, I … Continue reading

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Glade – #writephoto Ritu Bhathal

Like curtains parting Revealing an emerald dawn The forest beckons Ritu 2017 Source: Glade – #writephoto | But I Smile Anyway…

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Short story #writephoto: Forest Dog and River Pig – Jane Dougherty

I’ve missed a fair few prompts over the last weeks, so I’m not sticking to any order, just going where inspiration strikes. This story is inspired by Sue Vincent’s last but one photo prompt. It fits in well with the … Continue reading

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The Mystery House – KL Caley #writephoto

High upon the hillside, past the river and behind the trees. Lies a forgotten house which no-one tends to see. The old folk sometimes remember those who went before. Yet the towns’ folk find the old stories such a bore. … Continue reading

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Culleen in the middle – Lorraine #writephoto

The middle existed to hold the directions together. North, from which Culleen Callawe’en came: cold, deep forests; thick snow; argon mines; pure magic. South: hot and steamy; exotic, erotic dreamscapes. West: farms and peasant farmers; lords and ladies; kingdoms and … Continue reading

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Venture out in the forest – Lady Lee Manila #writephoto

Venture out in the forest as we amble In finding mysterious doors in the jungle One was purple with a chain in front of it Wouldn’t it be nice to enter and housesit? Tried it but couldn’t open it, where’s … Continue reading

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Tales from Otter Lake IV from Widdershins Worlds

Reblogged from Widdershins Worlds: Herewith be Part I,   Part II,   Part III These tales are sad. It was a sadness that was part of the truth the forest around us. So much is written about the beauty and grandeur of … Continue reading

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